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Revenge is sweet but...

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  • Revenge is sweet but...

    I stacked off to this person not too long after I sat down at the table AJ9 flop his top two against my set. I got it in good on the turn and the third jack decided to join the party on the river. I felt a little steamed up and tried to bluff him off the next couple hands with a couple raises without success. Nothing too major probably lost another 75c or so in the process. I finally got myself together and thought "He knows that I'm steaming and after these couple bluffs I'll definitely just continue to get myself in trouble without a hand." So after that I kept reloading my stack to a little over his and figured I'd stack him if I got something good. Now apparently lady luck felt bad for what she did and decided to join my side (I'm much better looking anyway lol)But, I have this feeling that I played it pretty bad and just happened to get lucky. So I wanted some opinions on what I did wrong and so on. It was hard to think clearly while in the hand because of the "Oh come on I just want to get this guy back" factor. and really I'm still completely lost on how I should've played it. His stats were like 38/17 with 75% aggro this is something like over 70-90 hands. Thanks in advance everyone.

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    I dont thinking you die anything wrong in this hand. I souldiva have raised a bit bigger on the flop (like 25 cents) but in hindsight your raising size was better.


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      Hi Syd,

      Not sure I see any problems tbh. Well, the only problem is the desire for revenge, any time you let your emotions guide your judgement that's bad news. But the play of the hand looks ok to me.

      Preflop flat in position 210 bb's deep is perfectly standard.

      On the flop raising the flush draw as a semi-bluff I like on this depth of money. It gives you a chance to win immediately with ten high, and starts to grow the pot should he call and you flush out. And with this much money behind if he 3-bets like he did, it becomes much more likely he's got a set or over pair to the board and you easily have the implied odds to call .36c more drawing. He could have the nut flush draw which would stink, but combinatorically it's a very small chance. Let's say he could have the following club draws: AK, AQ, A9, KQ. That's 4 card combos of flush draws. AA, KK, QQ, JJ, 66 are 24 card combos, so if this is a fair representation of his flop 3b range he would be 24-4 or 6-1 against having a bigger flush draw.

      Turn action makes it very unlikely he had the flush draw since he makes a small blocking bet. Definitely raise, maybe you could raise a bit more but $1 is fine, it sets up less than a pot sized bet on the river. I like a bit more ($1.25ish) because he's not folding and it's nice to get a bit more in now in case a 4th club comes (either beating you or making it very hard to get paid off on the river).

      River shove over his desperate "please let me show this down without putting any real money in" bet is perfect.


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