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5nl 6max Ak-right fold? or get it allin

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  • 5nl 6max Ak-right fold? or get it allin

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Hi again everyone, In this pot my opponent had a vpip:43 pfr:22 so i considered him loose/aggressive, i made the 3bet because of his opening range even though its coming from utg and because i'm oop and will be for the rest of the hand. Then he 4bets,i didnt really know what to do, it was really 5bet shove or fold i think,i didn't want to commit that much of my stack passively with a call and be oop for the rest of the hand and find myself in an awkard spot. After the hand i thought back to a hand i saw dave (the langolier) review of shellys i think and it reminded me of mine a bit except in mine my opponent had me covered. the utg player open raised he was a lag also, then the utg+1 3bet with AK another player called then the open raiser 4bet shoved and the utg+1 player got his stack in. Dave said at the time that he was pleased with the play against a lag range,and if it was a tight or nitty player it would probably be a fold.So after recalling this hand it had me thinking maybe i should be getting my money in also in this spot.I think the main thing that made me fold was his opening position but i guess with his range it certainly involves some hands i have good long term equity against. Anyway what do u guys think? thanks

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    Hi Nashy,

    in general I am not a fan of 3b/folding AK pre because you always ruin a highly playable hand and waste potential pot equity with money already invested into the pot.

    This is probably even more so against a player who might be capable of running bluffs or even overplaying weaker hands.

    So once I 3b AK for value against these types of players I always try to think of how that will affect the ranges that they might continue with by both calling or 4betting.

    As a default value range in spots like these for your opponent to be 4betting it should be quite realistic to anticipate {JJ+, AK} against which you have ~40% equity. Getting it in against that range will be slightly -EV but by shoving you might still have a little fold equity on your side. Add some random bluffs and AQ or TT to his range and you suddenly have a highly profitable shove here. I would even go as far to say that you can remove combos of AA/KK from his range since I dont expect him to 4b those with such a huge sizing.

    Flatting pre is also an option if you dont think that you will be able to get it in good against him, and thus extract more value by playing poker postflop with him.

    - Felix
    Live Trainer


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      I agree with Felix, Especially so vs. a villain who is LAG and may be prone to overplay hands like AQ or TT as well as have some 4b bluff range, I like 3b/getting it in here vs. his 4b.
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        Thanks again guys! that helps alot



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