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Big Pots, Bad Plays,

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  • Big Pots, Bad Plays,

    Ok, I think I already know the answer, but I'd like an analysis of my play here.
    **I'm sure I saw a way to embed video's on here before, but I can't figure it out now....sorry.

    I'm sure I only get rewarded for the terrible call at the end to re-enforce future bad play....

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    PSO's hand replayer is under the 'Tools' link at the top of the page, or here:

    If you play with this person any significant amount at all, I would note that their calling range on the flop and turn is super-wide, and that they are capable of bluffing the river. I think river bluffing is a huge thing you should be noting at the lower buy-ins, because conventional strategy is based around passive opponents (e.g. bet when you have it; when they bet big, fold).


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      Hi BandShooter,

      Maybe it would help if you could explain your thinking about why you feel the river call is so terrible. You haven't given any reads, and the only reads that I think makes the play bad can't possibly be given what the villain actually showed up with.

      You have less than a pot sized bet left on the river, doing the math you need to win about 29% of the time to break even on this call. As I see it I expect you to have the best hand over half the time here (and I didn't factor in total bluffs like he had).

      Hint: What hands do you think are in his range on the river, and how many combos are you losing to vs. beating?

      Personally without reads I would probably have bet all in on the river instead of check-called. Since we have to pay off a flush anyway due to the price and combos of other hands he can take this line with, I want to make sure I get full value from TT-QQ which will often check behind us if we check.

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        Huh, what did you do wrong?? Maybe betting the river is better than check/calling but I see no reason not to get the money in. Our opponent has shown zero strength. He probably does not have 55, a 7 (unless it's 77), or 66--he would have raised by now. He's probably not raising a hand with an 8 in it in early position unless he has 88. So the only hands we're really worried about are 77, 88, 99, AA, and hearts. We beat the rest of his range. Hearts are a very legitimate concern. But can he have hands here that we beat? What about TT, JJ, QQ? He'd probably call a bet with those if he's made it this far, but he is likely to check them behind.

        Against this opponent, you appear to have played the hand perfectly.



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