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Welcome Post - A Guide to playing NLHE 6max Cash

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  • Welcome Post - A Guide to playing NLHE 6max Cash

    Hey everyone. As a friendly introduction to the forums here's a guide I have written based on years of playing experience as well as watching hundreds of videos and having hours of coaching.

    I hope you enjoy.

    A Poker Guide - 6Max NL Hold'em

    Only display minimal hud stats in your hud and pay more attention to gameflow
    Reading too much into stats is over-rated, or better put, distracting from the more important
    information available immediately, as in, gameflow, betsize, timing tells, image etc

    All avoid short stacks and leave where possible
    They are mostly playing a mathematically perfect game which means you have very little means by way of acquiring an edge against them. When you do play vs them, raise smaller and also isolate them when you have a strong range. Call less when they shove and instead shove more on them.

    Take a lot of notes on any hand especially when it goes to showdown
    Hands in which you are not playing in are perfect to make notes about the tendencies of your opponents. First of all, you are not subjectively attached to the hand itself. Your emotions are free to make an objective assessment of your opponents play. Harder to do when you are in the hand yourself, unless you do this after a day or two in your HEM.

    Stay aware of table dynamics and put more emphasis on Reads than Stats
    Game flow is way more important that a persons stats. the reason is that people are playing their individual hand based upon position, stack sizes, image, board texture and countless other factors. Just because someone is playing 30/25/9 in your HUD doesnt mean he has a range of 30% of hands in this particular spot! Pay more attention to the game flow itself and only look at the stats when tough decisions are to be made and you can timebank.

    Be aware of who is left to act behind
    Knowing whether villain is a station or a nit could change 97s into a fold or a raise. Equally as likely, having aggressive players behind you can change your raising frequencies.

    Treat coolers well, its part of game, instead of steaming makes notes on the hand
    As above really. Once the hand is over, the hand is over. No point crying over spilt milk, or worse, spewing off another buy-in! Instead of becoming angry, thank you opponent for putting in his money as such a dog. This is where profit in poker comes from after all. Take notes on the hand and use this info later on when appropriate.

    Take time to make every decision
    Sometimes we play poker on autopilot. Thing is, autopilot is just the worst of our game. We are not improving, instead we are missing opportunities to learn. Look for new opportunities to exploit flaws in your opponents game wherever possible.

    When making 3bet sizing, know what your post flop betsizes needs to to get stacks in.
    Stacks vary from player to player, if you are 150bb+ deep with villain, it makes no sense to just click pot as a 3bet from the blinds when they open to 2.5bb on the button. All you do is create an opportunity for his to call correctly with implied odds on your whole stack and in position. Raise a size where you want to make your opponents make a mistake.

    Create a 3bet dynamic with other players and notice their adjustments
    If you create a 3bet dynamic vs a player, watch how they react. Are they playing back more frequently with 4bets? Are they 3betting you more too? Or are the totally oblivious?
    In the first case, keep encouraging them to 4bet light and eventually trap him with a strong hand. In the second case, play back with blocking cards like Ax Kx Qx (combinatorics). Finally, in the last case, keep 3betting him, its free money!

    Without reads, give up in tough spots, dont try to be a hero.
    If villain is a good player usually fold if you are in a tough spot. Most of the time they have it.

    Dump marginal hands and avoid getting into tough spots
    Most of the money you lose at poker will be from getting 2nd, 3rd or 4th best hands in against the nuts. For example playing 86s, flopping a flush and getting the money in. Think about it. What hands are calling you which either a) doesn't already have you beat or b} has significant equity in the pot (Ax Asame suit for example. make your decisions easier.

    Avoid playing big pots with marginal hands OOP
    With non nut hands, try to keep the pot small. Check calling is way better than betting and being confused when you are raised. Worse you could be bluffed off the best hand. Also, by check calling marginal hands OOP you allow villain to bluff worse hands.

    Be Process Orientated
    every hand have the same routine; what is his range, what is your percieved range, what texture is the board, who has position, how big of a pot do you want to play, how deep are the stacks, what betsize do you have to make to get result you want?

    Keep the fish in the pot at all times, don't push them out
    bad players aka. 'Fish' are where all of the money comes from, so encourage them to stay in the hand by any means possible.

    Have a feel for how villain will respond to 3bets before you 3bet
    Don't 3bet with AK 'just because I have AK' think about villains RANGE and his tendencies.

    How often % a play has to work for it to show an immediate profit
    In some cases you can have a case where you know that to show an immediate profit villain has to only fold X% of the time. An example would be if villain folds to 3bets 70% of the time OOP when opening in MP or later, you are free to 3bet liberally all your hands and show an immediate profit.

    Dont cbet alot in multiway pots if you dont expect folds
    more villains = more strength needed

    Poker revolves around avoidance, planning your play and avoiding sticky situations that come up as well as having a plan for the future street before it hits.

    Daniel 'Jungleman' Cates in The Little Gold Book
    What we’re trying to do is simple: make money. Don’t worry about balance or looking like an idiot. Don’t worry about playing an elegant game. All we want to do is maximize our EV and make money. There is always a best way to play a hand. For every spot, there is an ideal action. We’re going to act based on what we know about our opponent, and we’re going to play a maximally exploitative style, even if that makes us exploitable in a few spots ourselves. Every action has a justification, and every action adds to our overall expectation and long-term EV.

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    I will comment before I read the post,really glad to have you here umbup:


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      Hi there Acombfosho, A wonderful welcome post by you and It's great to see you here. I encourage you to post here regularly and check out all of the different sections within the Forum. Again, it's great to see you here and I look forward to reading your posts! Raiser umbup:
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        I have read this now 4 times,you know your stuff mate well impressive.


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          Quite an entrance

          Glad to have you here.


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            Really good post, probably have another couple of reads through and make some notes Good to have you here umbup:
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              Very very good stuff and great opening post. Welcome to PSO acombfosho!
              Live Trainer


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                Excellent post especially HUD and table dynamics, wish I'd have read this 6 months ago.

                Much of what you have posted relates to any game and not just cash. You've made me think a lot about my play and I'll put a lot of this to good use.
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                  Thank you everyone. A lot of this stuff applies even in Zoom games, but to a slightly lesser extent


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                    Oh yeah, these tips are great!! Thx for sharing!! umbup:


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                      Missed this the first time around, very nice post and umbup: umbup: , thanks to Sam for linking it in a recent hand analysis thread.
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