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AJo oop vs villain who just lost a stack

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  • AJo oop vs villain who just lost a stack

    Hi all, played this hand today. I'd been at the table maybe 24hands or so when this happened. My opponent in this hand had 3bet me 2 or 3 times by this point. I'd had to fold everytime. Opponent was aggressive in raising other players he was in pots with. Opponent lost a big pot 2hnds previous where, after he 4x'ed it preflop from the sb(160bb) vs the BB(94bb), led flop for a bit over half pot, and then had led turn for a bit over half pot and was min rised, he 3bet shoved allin for the remainder of the BB's stack(80bb about) w/ J9o on a brd of 2d5dJhKs. he was snap called by JJ. This is the line he took thinking he had flopped best, I suppose. Vs this loose/aggressive player I decided to chk call him all the way w/ my AJo and a flopped pair of aces. Should he have a better ace I wanted to see it. Are you stacking off here given this information?
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    I would call cal cal or even shove with this info... Just had the same in a cash game and I tricked him with JJ just called preflop and someone else raised and this guy who 3bets and 4bets everyone called too so it come back to me and I raise it to 25bb I had 250bb and the initial raiser folded and this guy called me ... flop 782 I CHECK, i BETS AND I SHOVE AND HE CALLS ME WITH a 7 6..

    Good read mate :-)


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      Hi rule,

      Normally AJ is a fold from OOP vs. a 3b imo (just stating for clarity), but given this villain as described I think you played it fine. Folding pre would still be ok, but flat calling isn't bad as we would expect to get excessive value when we hit our hand and pull into the lead (folding is still not bad because we will sometimes hit 1 pair and not be in the lead, then we'll be the ones giving value).

      The thing that makes it playable imo is the villain's tendency to get out of line. He should be able to use position on us to win more with his winners and lose less with his losers, and win more when both miss or flop weak, which is a huge part of what makes AJ unplayable for a 3b oop. But this guy has demonstrated he won't use his position to lose less with his losers, he's actually prone to losing more with his losers by overplaying them and pressing when it's obvious he's beat. Like he did in this hand.

      Against the villain as described, I love the check/call line on all 3 streets, let him stack himself off. Yes sometimes we're paying off AQ+, but he's going to have so many worse hands in his range and is not smart enough to take his foot off the gas when we check/call with what should be screaming "I have an ace" to anyone who is listening. Getting aggressive and raising is pointless, it will only give him a chance to get off the hook with worse hands, and we already know the best way to stack worse hands is to let him do the deed himself.

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        Pretty good flop for you. In your position I will maybe try check-raise. But on that foolish player maybe that wont give any good info. He can reraise that and make you suspicious about our top pair. Tricky spot but good call. I didn't read Dave's observation but I'm still learning.
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