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5nl 6max Q10h did i miss value?

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  • 5nl 6max Q10h did i miss value?

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    hi again everyone, I played this hand today and had a question for myself that i thought i would ask you guys,did i miss value here?and did i put my opponent on too tight a range on the river? my opponent was extremely loose/passive he had stats of vpip:88 pfr:4 through 26 hands i know its a small sample but his tendancies were pretty easy to recognise, he was limping every hand in front of me. After looking over this hand after my session i felt my opponent could have had lots of 5 some weaker flushes that i could beat and that i think he'd play like that. My thinking during the hand was that his range is so wide preflop and with a full house out there and also with him coming back over the top of me on the river which is always considered very strong in micros that i'd call it down and take a niced sized pot without risking my whole stack on a board that does include the possible fullhouse as i mentioned. But after looking at the hand later i questioned weather i could have doubled up here. what do u guys think,thanks

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    For me he had a 5 or a smaller flush but a 5 is in his range something like 54 or 53 so if he is so so loose and I have seen him going all in with weaker then the nuts I would reraise him and pray..
    Ususlly at that level he will call an all in with a 5 or 5A thinking he has the nuts... In these cases reads play a lot in your decidsion. I believe that he iis had the nuts or a fullhouse he would reraise you all in.

    Hope it helps and tell us more abour him if possible.



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      You could have fired again on the turn. The 2 changes nothing so you lose all your momentum and aggression checking there. Good spot to get more value when you hit the river, but also fold out a few better hands.

      When you get reraised small on the river I think the call is good. Your hand is strong, but far from the nuts. No point in stacking off when your possibly destroyed.


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        Hi Nashy.

        Did you possibly miss value on the river? In my opinion Yes...possibly.

        A guy with such wide stats can easily have a boat on that river when he starts acting aggro suddenly, but he also may just have a 5 he is over valuing. You have the 2nd nut flush though, and that is the hand you were playing for; when the action "explodes" on the river, the time to have been thinking about whether your hand would be good enough to stand on (if you make it) was probably earlier.

        To me this means when you fire the flop on a semi bluff, then fire the turn again on a semi bluff, you probably have made the decision that a Q hi flush WILL be good when you RAISE his donk lead of 20c on the river. If you had not made that assessment, then you have to feel that any flush on a paired board only has marginal show down value, and just call that donk lead.

        In my opinion though, when you raise, and he re-raises, given his very loose standards, there are almost certainly enough weaker hands in his range for you to shove into and get called. THAT is where you may have cost yourself value...

        To me Nashy, it boils down to a simple decision as to whether you are bluffing the possible hand you MIGHT make when you bet the flop and turn, or whether you are of a mind to think that hand will be good if it gets there. If you think it will be, then get them all in on the river.

        Hope it helps.

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