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bb calls pfr then raises c bet

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  • bb calls pfr then raises c bet

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    This is an example of a line I have been facing a lot recently, player calls my raise in position preflop, then raises my c bet. I am puzzled as to how frequent this type of play really is, and what sort of holdings a microstakes player will typically make it with. Is it usually a semi-bluff? It seems to me an unlikely line to be taking with a really strong hand, and indeed when I have called the raise that has often been enough to quell the aggression, as in this case. Overall though, the hand left me puzzled, so I would love some advice on how I might have approached it better. BB in this case was playing 27/19 over 90 hands. Aggression 2.1, folding to 67% c bets (tiny sample). I had also seen him lead out 2 streets of a limped pot with a flush draw, which he hit on the river. Though I mostly play rather tight, I do like to open pretty wide from button and small blind, given the chance, and if I recall correctly he had already folded to a couple of sb v bb steals from me. When bb called preflop I expected smallish pairs and plenty of Aces, especially suited, to be in his range. The flop gave me top pair (plus a gutshot) on a dangerous board. I bet 2/3 of the pot. In retrospect could this have been a touch more, given all the draws that would be tempted to call me? To call the flop raise, I had to hope bb didn't have AK or KQ, but surely any made sets or QJ would not usually be raising here but waiting for another bet before raising the turn. Some draw or combo draw seemed likely enough that I should at least call. I didn't like to reraise and bloat the pot further with only a mediocre top pair hand. On the turn I intended to check/call unless a very scary turn card was followed by a big bet. Neither happened. Hitting the big straight on the river was clearly a bonus, as now it was a question of trying to get max value from it. But how? In retrospect, was my bet too big? I suspect it was. In truth I was having trouble adjusting my thinking back to being the aggressor in the hand again, having started that way and then going more onto the defensive when raised. I flung the bet out there without being at all sure about the sizing. Could I have got more calls from weak made hands with a 1/4 pot bet? Could I have checked and hoped to induce a bet? Had the river been a blank I am thinking I would have made a smallish river bet, but folded to any raise. As always, any feedback advice gratefully accepted.

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    Hi mytonn, I'm thinking the opp maybe 78 or something like A9 and just trying to semi bluff as you thought.
    As soon as you called his/her raise, the opp looked like they had give up on the turn checking your check.
    Maybe a check on the river by yourself may of induced the opp to second bluff his bottom/second pair.
    Not no expert but thats my thoughts.


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      Hi mytton,

      the high gap between villain's VPIP and PFR (27 to 19) may suggest he can be calling wide ranges preflop against a single open. This will especially be the case in BB vs SB confrontations I guess.

      Since I would expect him to be 3betting AK/AA/KK preflop most of the time, his flop raising range can still be quite wide. Besides his toprange (sets, 2 pair, QJ) this range might be including many draws, combodraws and maybe even weaker pairs/hands he turns into bluffs.

      I like calling here since 3betting this flop will probably fold out a lot of his weak pairs/semibluffs/bluffs and I would think that getting it in on this flop will isolate us against his toprange and strong draws against which we will probably be only flipping at best.

      Since he x'd back OTT I feel that we can eliminate the strongest hands from his range which leaves us with weak SD value or a semibluff/bluff that is giving up/taking a free card. His marginal hands will probably almost never call a riverbet here so I would check again to induce a bluff from that weak range.

      Maybe even something like betting a few BBs can be considered here. He can still call that off with some weak SD hands because of pot odds or seize the opportunity to bluffraise.

      - Felix
      Live Trainer



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