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Bottom 2 pair in a limped pot

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  • Bottom 2 pair in a limped pot

    Some thoughts please. I'm pretty sure it's a good laydown at the end but do I save money here somehow? P.S. - The bet on the turn... I mean do I just check there? It's definitely a posibility he has like Q10 or trips at this point but do I bet to protect my hand or just check it and get myself into a nightmare on the river?
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    Hi syd,

    It's definitely a good laydown on the end imo... without reads it's a pretty safe bet he's got it the way this played out and he's trying to get value from you.

    As for the other streets, it's ok to fold this preflop, suited 2-gappers are really a bit too marginal to be limping over 2 limpers. If the limpers are weak players who play predictably post flop you could consider raising them, but mostly just fold this.

    On the flop it's ok to raise but I would probably take a more pot control line here. It's probable you have the best hand on the flop BUT there are so many bad turn cards for you... Any A, K, Q, J, 9, 8, or diamond devalues your hand. I might prefer to call and see a non-threatening turn card before bloating the pot, use your positional advantage.

    As played, when he doesn't 3-bet the flop and a brick comes off on the turn, I like your bet and the bet sizing... there's too many worse made hands and draws in his range that we can get value from to not bet now imo.

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      Much love for the input Dave. Pre-flop was just one of those "hehe Daniel Negreanu's favorite hand, I call" type of things which I guess got me in some trouble.. P.S. - Daniel I expect atleast 60c from you for "making" me play that hand lol. Either way, this is an excellent example of the reasons to post hands for evaluation. I might enjoy critizism more than someone else, but the help this provides is incredible.



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