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Quick stat question

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  • Quick stat question

    VPiP - 22%
    PFR - 15%
    Agg - 46%

    My copilot says, and I quote, "Plays very predictably. This player reads a poker book or two and follows them exactly."

    I'm playing micro-stakes 2nl at the moment, so the whole predictable thing I guess doesn't mean much since it's much less likely people here pick up on predictability. But I just wanted to know what some people think of these stats. Where can I improve? Any other stats I should post?

    This would be much appreciated anyone that has any opinions. Thank you in advance

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    I think they mean your opponent is an ABC type player who shows little imagination at the table. By those stats I'd classify them as neutral aggressive closer to tight than loose tho.

    Without knowing how many hands this represents its hard to say how reliable it might be.


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      am i getting it right, those are your stats?
      i think them are quite an improvement, to the PSO Community game, where you was siting out all the time

      So I am still new to these specific stat values too, but i think its hard to get a good analysis with only that 3 values. So giving tips where to improve would be lot of guessing.

      If I get it Right that this was your intention here.


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        Agg% of 46 means the guy is definitely betting or raising way more often than he actually has a hand. I'd consider calling him down quite wide. Given the gap between his VPIP and PFR, I'd guess that he calls opens a lot. If he does this in position, I would avoid opening while he has position on me. If he does this from the blinds, I'd abuse him like crazy. If the reason for the gap between his VPIP and PFR is the fact that he limps a lot, I'd treat his limps like raises and tend not to raise them wide.

        I would consider this player quite loose for a full-ring table, but probably way better than your average 2NL player.

        That's my interpretation of the stats. More info would help the interpretation for sure, and like Joe said, these numbers could be meaningless if they're based on a small number of hands.


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          it would be more valuable if we knew if these were 6 max or full ring and how many hands they are based on.

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            i'm almost sure these are HIS stats, and he has a program that tells him how he's playing, so stats based on all his hands to date more than likely.
            and a few more stats like cbets, and show down stats would help. this "copilot" is taking all stats into consideration not just three.
            so tell us, do you read a book or two,and follow them exactly? how well does your copilot know you?
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              Originally posted by PanickyPoker View Post
              Agg% of 46 means the guy is definitely betting or raising way more often than he actually has a hand.
              This conclusion you get in combination with the VPiP or? cause I found myself once with Agg 100% as I played only 2 hands on a table i was card dead long time but them very agressive.

              Do I read the stats right, when I say, he plays 22% of his hands, and 50% of them agressive.
              So he raises about 11% of all his hands, and thats what you mean with raising more often than he has a hand?


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                Agg% is the percent of the time that someone bets or raises postflop. I do not use it in combination with VPIP. The very rough rule of thumb is that any unpaired hand has a 1/3 chance of flopping a pair postflop, so if somebody bets over 33% of the time, that would indicate that they most likely have lots of bluffs and semibluffs in their range. I think a normal Agg% is between 20 and 30. Above 40 is very exploitable imo, but again, if this comes from a sample size of 7 hands, you shouldn't put much stock in it. I regularly go for blocks of 50 hands with an Agg% of 0 or 60.

                Also, to be clear, if somebody plays 5 of 100 hands, then your sample size for Agg% is 5 hands, because it registers nothing if a player doesn`t see a flop. That explains why your Agg% would be so high; your sample size is smaller than it looks.
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                    @PP you really find 22/15 to be "quite loose" in full ring? these seem very average to me. maybe a tad on the looser side of TAG, probably due to calling a bit too much, but not quite loose. mine are even a "bit" higher , but i def dont play ABC. what would you classify as ABC TAG numbers over a larger sample, say 100,000+
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                      Loose for a tournament. Perhaps not so for a ring game.

                      I imagine it differs from game to game, but for smaller-field SNG's, there's much less latitude to call opens, so prior to the shove and fold stages, I'd expect a standard ABC VPIP/PFR to be roughly 12/10. Wrong thread for those numbers though, since I guess it is a cash game we're talking about.
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                        22% is pretty loose for a full ring. not maniacally so, but it is on the loose side.


                        If you are not adjusting start standards by position, to maintain a 22% VPiP you'd have to be playing hands like A3s and A8o in EP (22% of hands are playable from ANY position)

                        If you ARE adjusting entry standards by position, and playing (either via calls or raises/3bets) a 7% range in EP, and a 14% range in MP, then to maintain a 22% VPiP you would have to be willing to play a 66% range in LP. That would include such "stellar" holdings as K2o and T2s.

                        Still think 22% is not a bit on the "loose" side?

                        You are playing a bit more than 2 hands per orbit, every orbit, to keep a 22% VPiP...
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                          22% is way loose for full ring. Ok maybe not that bad I had stats of around 15% (mainly play Stt/Mtt and it affects my play)
                          have been deliberately loosening my play and managed to push it up to 18%.

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                          I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

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