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evaluation requested - 2NL fullring game

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  • evaluation requested - 2NL fullring game

    The hand replayer tool kept choking, so we're going to be doing this the old fashioned way:
    These are from a 1/2 cent game, 9handed play

    hand 1: nothing really to be said...

    I'm in the hijack with $3.06 in chips, biggest stack. I'm dealt AK off. It's folded to me and I raise to 7 cts. The big blind 3-bets to 22cts and I flatcall. Pot is now 45 cts.

    Flop comes A 2 A rainbow.

    Big blind bets 31 cts, I flat call, expecting him to probably fold to a raise, and this way I can get more value on the turn if he bets again. Pot is now $1.07

    Turn is Q of spades, so all four suits on the board. Ideal as there's no flush possible. It does bring a straight draw.

    Big blind bets 68 cts and I flat call again. he now has 90 cts left. Pot is now $2.43

    River is 7 of diamonds, so no straight possible.

    Big blind bets 90 cts allin, I call again, and he shows pocket queens to turn a full house.

    In retrospect - he was probably not bluffing the flop, so I might have raised, and the same could be said for the turn. I doubt he would have folded it either way. No way he's getting rid of piocket Queens there, correct?

    What do you think of the play here.

    Hand 2: Who is the fish

    I'm in the hijack again with a $0.98 stack, the shortest at the table. I bought in for $2 here, so half my stack is MIA. I'm dealt AQ off.

    UTG and UTG+1 limp in, the next guy folds, UTG+3 limps as well, I raise to 15 cts. Everyone folds except UTG+3 who flats. Pot is now 37 cts.

    Flop comes 7 3 7 rainbow.

    UTG+3 donkbets into me - he shoves allin for $2.05, which is 5.5 x pot. I insta called him. My thought was simple: if he had a bigger pair, I would expect him to 4-bet me preflop. He'd been playing a very weak game as far as I could tell, I doubt he'd play deceptive. And although the donk-bet usually indicates strength, the huge overbet screamed bluff to me. That, and I really doubt that flop hit him. The odds he actually had a 7 are marginal, no way he's doing this with just a 3 (is he?). If my three assumptions are correct, my Ahigh is good....

    He flips over KT off, so my read on his overbet was correct. My Ahigh held up, and I doubled up.

    In the chat the guy made some remark about having finally hooked a big fish. I just thought to myself "so do I.... just stay at this table"

    Wat is your evaluation of the call here?
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    Hi Ov3rsight,

    Please post the actual text hand histories if the replayer is not working, and please post 1 hand per thread. And please provide reads.

    The play with AK is fine without reads, you are smashing or tied with his entire 3b range. Against opponents who will barrel off with their entire range, flatting is optimal.

    The AQ hand he is not shoving for $2, he's shoving for .83c. This is call is marginal without reads. You need about 41% equity to break even on the call, I agree he won't have a 7 or 33, but he will often have a pocket pair value owning himself. If he only does this with pocket pairs, the call is bad as you don't have nearly enough equity. If he has just a few bluffs though, your equity is good (I added in all combos of KT, and AT, and your equity jumps to 47.5%). Ultimately it's pretty marginal though. As to leaving, why would you leave now? This guy's play with KT is terrible, and he sounds like he's emotionally impacted by your call (tilt). Plus anyone who's paying attention is less likely to bluff you seeing this call, which will help in ranging them. It's a fantastic spot imo.

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      Didn't leave - I stucjk around and got some more chips off them
      The Road to Fame and Fortune - Keeping track of my poker semi-career
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        Hand 1:

        You seem to have played it great. Flatting his 3bet gives you more manueverability post flop while in position, as well as keeping possible worse hands in such as AQ.

        On the flop you hit huge with very little chance of being outdrawn. He keeps up the aggression, continuing to make solid sized bets, so let him. No reason to break the flow of the hand with a raise. You stop worse hands from betting on future streets or fold them out.

        You DO NOT want someone with two outs folding if there is a good chance to get some decent value out of your hand keeping them in.

        Without any specific reads I don't think you can lay down your hand in this situation. The Q is definitely a terrible turn card, hitting hands like QQ and AQ, but readless you can't really put villain's range on AQ+, QQ+ when 3betting. Even if you put him on that exact range, he could still possibly have AK as well.

        Hand 2:

        All-in donk overbets, especially with shorter stacks, is generally a sign of weakness in my opinion vs a random opponent in the micros.

        If there is one or multiple draws on the flop villain may very well have nothing more than a draw. In your example however, there are no draws on a paired board. That polarizes his bet a little. I would have to assume he either has a small/medium overpair or is bluffing an unmade hand. I would lean towards folding on the flop without any reads(with the assumption that I am a little behind an overpair the majority of the time, way behind a big overpair rarely, or decently ahead of ATC sometimes).
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          Hi ov3 I have a different view for you to think about on hand 2 and the reasons he would of called you a fish maybe.
          The flop produces a perfect lag hand, the opp had maybe read your tag style and read your hand,
          So in his/her eyes their all in bluff with nothing was a solid play. Lots of occasions a player will have the seven, something like A7s or K7 in this spot. You actually called with ace high, on this occasion you did an exceptional read and a hero call.
          However if this situation arises in the future be a little weary as good lags thrive on this hand and can make themselves look like loose bad players setting their traps.



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