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5c/10c Blinds Cash Game No Limit.

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  • 5c/10c Blinds Cash Game No Limit.

    I just sat on this table about 20hands before and still did not got any reads on this guy but my hud says he is a 17/14/7 I folded all hands for around 15hands and in the last 4hands I came out as the first raiser by raising 4x bb each time and everyone folded to me. So now I might look like I am bullying the table for someone. Folded to him he reraises me x3 to 1.20$ on the button so I just call ( Is it good if I have no read to just call here and play this hand out of position?) Flop is missed but I want to test if he is bluffing so I bet around 1/3 pot and he reraises me again x3... Now I thought a lot but for me he might have a medium pair like 88 or 10 10 or maybe AK though what I made my mind of was 10 10 so a high card might peel it off so I called ( I believe mathamatically it was incorrect here right?) Turn comes a J I check cause now I want to see if he bets again if he has a bigger pair but he checks back... SO for me he has air or 10 10. River is the miracle gin card and I betted a bit less than 1/3 the pot so if he is good and paid attention he cannot put me on a flush so he might call with his 10 10 or 1 pair or a bigger pair but he folds....( Was the bet right?) Would like to hear your thoughts please. I believe the read was or a bluff with continuation of it on the flop or AK or 10 10. On the flop I believe I had to fold and on the to turn did the right thing to check on the whole lucky too... Thanks in advance Etienne

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    Hi Etienne!

    Pre flop, I think your raise then flat of the 3bet is fine. This guy is showing a pretty high 3bet tendency, and with him on the button your AQs looks to me like it is going to play pretty decently versus his overall range. I am going strictly with a "fit or fold" approach versus him though, simply because he is so aggressive and so likely to build a huge pot quickly on me.

    On the flop, I do not mind the lead either, although I'd prefer to make it more in line with my standard value bet amount. You make it a bit under half pot to go ($1 into a $2.55 pot), and if this is not your standard amount then it will tend to signal "weakness" to the aggro attacking type.

    I do not, however, really agree with your FLAT of his flop raise...

    You are well behind any pp here, and with only 1 street to hit what may or may not be one of 6 good outs, his raise to $2.90 to go is just a little bit too pricey for me on this depth of money. By calling that $1.90 extra, you are bloating the pot to the point the villain can easily get you all in on the turn, thus pricing you off ANY additional outs you might pick up. Since you also cannot know if an A or Q will be enough to win here (even an aggro player on the button is going to have AA/KK/QQ some of the time here), the situation you are creating is sticking you heavily to this pot if you pick up ANY "improvement".

    I think this was the spot to bet/fold if you thought this guy might be bluffing with less than your AQ or may fold something like 33/44/66 here, and a check/fold of a miss would probably have been better if he will continue most all the time on anything, or raise you again on a bluff, because you really do not have much of hand on this flop.

    As played, when you do flat and see the flush draw pick up on the turn, I am not sure what I would do.

    I now have to feel that my hand has 15 outs with 1 to come (32.6% chance to get there), or else my investment to this point was simply useless. With $8.35 in the pot, I am looking at possibly risking $5.80 for a chance to win $14.15, and I am getting 2.4 to 1 on all my potential "outs", needing just a bit over 2 to 1. I think in this spot I would check in HOPES he checks behind me (simply because he may not fold any better hand at this point), but if he bets anything I am going to move all in...and probably hate myself for it.

    This is the reason why think a check/fold or a bet/fold on the flop probably would have been the better action here, as going anywhere beyond that is just too likely to get me into real trouble. The fact I did get there, but did not extract maximum value to do so, really does not make up for the risk you took here in my opinion Etienne.

    Hope it helps.

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