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Hand evaluation!

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  • Hand evaluation!

    Hy! Can somebody commmnet how i play this hand? I think that I maybe should after flop put all my money in. On the turn I think that I shold just call and cut my losses if clubs or 2 donesn't come.

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    Hi Becar1989.

    To really analyze your play here, we could use some info on the types of hands that your opponents might be playing here. When you look at a hand, you often want to use REM thoughts, and those are: RANGE, EQUITY, and MAXIMIZE. Without knowing anything about opponents, it is quite hard to break down your play.

    I can offer these thoughts...

    1) With the Stack to pot ratio, what do you "want" to see on the flop?

    Going to the flop, your call sets up a pot that will be somewhere between 15c and 18c (depending on if the BB calls). With the effective stack in the hand being 71c, this will create a pretty low SPR under 5, thereby making it reasonable for you to play for stacks versus the short stack here with any top pair hit (especially top/top). Of course to "like" this fact, you really should know whether a top pair J (with top kicker), or an A on the flop (giving you a J kicker) will likely be enough to win versus his min raise RANGE.

    The strong draw you flop (depending on the range of opponents) is also the sort of hand that you can tend to play aggressively in low SPR situations, although you will tend to be RACING for stacks far more often than not if you elect to do so.

    2) Raise versus call pre flop?

    In deeper money situations than this one is shaping up to be, un-paired Ace/Face hands oop can be troublesome 3bet hands. In shallower situations though, they can be quite good 3bet hand hands. A 3bet here could either allow you a cheaper fold (if you get 4bet), or an easier take down on continuation whether you hit or not on the flop.

    A 3bet pre flop can also set up an even LOWER SPR, allowing you to get the shorter stack all in quite quickly, and start to build a side pot versus the larger stack, assuming you hit the flop of course.


    Pre flop, depending on your ranging of opponents in the hand, you can easily flat this or 3bet. If one, or both, of the opponents are extremely tight, you could even fold. You do not really give us enough info to judge which might be best in this spot though...

    You DO flat pre flop, the BB folds, and you go to the flop with an SPR just under 5.

    On this flop, your nut flush draw with 2 overs is a pretty strong draw. It is hardly a "world beater" though, given that versus the entirety of top pair/over pair hands with various kickers, you are on about 48.3% equity. Still, in your position, seeing a flop that is this decent for me, I think I take the betting lead, and make it around 10c to go.

    Absent info on opponents, you can lead out (as you do), with the intent of 3betting and playing for stacks if you get raised. This can be a bit of a risk, but you are essentially a race versus the entirety of all top pair/over pair hands, and playing this draw more passively can result in you missing the turn and being bet off your hand.

    So I do not think you should immediately move in on the flop Becar1989, but I do see reason in an action pattern like this:

    - You lead 8c into the 17c pot.
    - LP Villain raises, making it 24c to go.
    - You 3bet, making it around 72c to 75c to go, with the intent of calling if the villain moves all in, or you moving all in yourself on the turn if he does not.

    This is highly risky for you, as you probably only have around 35% to 39% equity versus a 2 pair+ hand on this flop, but it is probably better than a passive CALL line that you continue following past the turn versus a strong villain bet.

    As played...

    You flat the raise to 24c, and this is fine too: it keeps the pot smaller, and does allow you to fold a turn miss cheaper.

    The turn brings you some improvement, adding a gut shot straight draw to your draws.
    You check, the villain bets 60c, and you go all in.
    I really do not like that line to be honest...

    With just 1 card to come, you have at most 9 "clean" outs here. You cannot even rely on your straight outs being good, as it is possible that the villain raised up a 67 oesd on the flop.

    I think you need FAR more info on the opp than you give here to justify your strong turn semi-bluff, and as played, I think I'd prefer to check/fold to the 60c bet myself.

    So yes, I do agree with you Becar1989, the FLOP was the point for you to decide how far, and how strongly, you were going to play your draw. When you did not elect to 3bet on the flop, you kept the pot small and kept yourself out of a spot where you should really commit when you see a big turn bet. Trying to semi bluff your draw on the turn with only 1 card to come is really risky, and is far more often than not going to result in you stacking off.

    So I fold this turn after following the flop action you did.

    Hope it helps.

    Last edited by JDean; Mon Feb 06, 2012, 03:40 PM.
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