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Playing loose against few players

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  • Playing loose against few players

    Hi guys, looking for some opinions on this style of play.

    I was playing at the .01/.02c tables last night and found myself heads up against a guy with another sitting out. I was the big stack and Played looser than I usually would as my opp was very tight. Ye benefits of this were I gained almost $1 just from blinds alone, and the few times he called I judged by the flop whether to cbet him or not. Anyway, the sit out joined in and I kept up my tactic (assuming he had been watching). By this stage I knew my table image was very loose, and the players started getting looser with their calls. This allowed me to disguise my big hands and I was able to take a few of their shoves with a flush and a set.

    Obviously this is NOT how I usually play, but I doubled $5 this way. So I'm just looking for views on this style - pros and cons when the opponents are consistently exploited by it.


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    Hi Adam! Welcome to the forum. Your thought process on your play here is exactly what a player wants to do. If the table is very tight, then loosen up to take advantage of them. When the table loosens up, then tighten up and get your larger hands paid off more often. In tourneys, I start the tournament playing tighter, then loosen up as the tourney progresses. However, at a cash table, I'll be much looser in the beginning, then adjust based on how the opps are playing (I want to try to play the opposite of what the rest of the table is so that I can take advantage of their play styles). Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)
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      Welcome Adam! What John said. umbup: This to me is the number one thing. You have to play the opponents. Forget anything else could be #1. Poker online can be a bit tougher to read an opponent while playing, but it's definitely something you can do to an extent and you have to be able to take advantage of it. Along with that, you have to be aware of your image and use that on opponents as well. Change things up when it's appropriate. Always be aware of when situations demand that you must adjust, like playing satellites or approaching big money jumps when you're playing in tourneys. But aside from the abnormal circumstances, release the inner-poker player in you. For me personally, I know I'm playing my absolute best when I'm evaluating every player and every move at a table, and internalizing this information to use it against them, ruthlessly, with a . That is where our #1 edge comes in and no where else. Cards will come and go and you can't do anything about it. You can manage your bankroll, but that deals w/ a different issue than playing the game. We have to be aware of our opponents, their tendencies, and the knowledge of how to play against them to be successful. Be sure to take advantage of all the tools to make good reads on your opponents. Take's easy, quick, and you can personalize or change them as much as you want. If you look in the link JW provided, post # 9 explains how to note and color code on PokerStars. Be sure to also look at the videos from Live Training as there's one effective note taking by the Langolier. Lastly, check out this video from Dave also, on playing against opponent types. It was suggested in a different thread, but I think it's a good view for you as well. Enjoy and best o' luck!
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        Thanks for the welcome and views guys Much appreciated!

        Just to clarify, when I say loose, I mean exceptionally loose. PFR of about 80%. It seemed to work but there were a few times when I had to second guess myself with some of the hands I raised!

        Thanks for the links too, I'll be sure and check them out!



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