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5nl 6max A10 Should i have value bet the river?

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  • 5nl 6max A10 Should i have value bet the river?

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Hi again everyone, This hand was one i played today and thought i'd post,mostly because i've been trying to work on my value betting and feel like i missed an opportunity to keep control of the pot here and use the bet/fold strategy on the river. Anyway my opponent was i tough player to read in a sense,he had stats of vpip:42 pfr:12 so in the loose/passive zone but i also saw him twice limp pre with AA and KK and shove over the top of open raises preflop for 120-140bb, so he was a bit funky. Personly i feel like on the river i basically gave him the chance to take it away from me.One more question would be,once i check the river should i have called his bet? thanks
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    Hi Nashy,

    If I am betting the turn for value against a loose/passive opponent I would assume that I can also get 3 streets of value from his worse aces by betting small on the river (like 1/4th-1/3rd pot).

    The only real draw got there on the turn so I would not see a lot of value in check/calling river. Weaker aces and queens would probably check behind most of the time and this leaves villain's river betting range quite strong actually - so I like check/folding as the only other real option without a strong read.

    However, in general I would be looking for two streets of value with a TP/decent kicker hand in a two-way pot. While I do think that sometimes you may get 3 streets from weaker aces if the opponent is loose/passive guy there is a great danger of isolating yourself against too strong of a range by the river when betting. I would probably check at least one street up to save value for the remaining streets while giving villain a chance to take a stab at the pot, too.

    Also, as you have experienced here, without specific reads on his possible bluffing tendencies the river decision between c/f and betting small is quite tough.

    - Felix
    Live Trainer



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