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I had a straight, what could he have?

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  • I had a straight, what could he have?

    Hi, how about this hand agianst a guy who had been entering a lot of pots, should I have opened with a raise? What could he have when he bet the turn? I thought he could have paired Qs or 2 pairs, ej 10s and Qs, never thought he would turn out that hand. Did I make a good move by calling when he re-re-raised? Today went well, I didn't seem to hit most of my hands but was able to cut down my losses, on the past I ended loosing 1 or 2 buy-ins on this kind of days.

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    Info on the player

    Sorry, I forgot to say this guy was limping in a lot and was winning before showdown, his raises seemed to be full of air, but when he started re-raising, it made me wonder.


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      Even lags get hands, and they love raising/reraising wars. I would have called his rr, but on a paired board a boat was all too possible. A cooler, nothing you could do except minimize the damage.

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        hi there cletero, joy is correct lag players love to raise and reraise.And a paired board is always dangerous and should be played cautious especially when against lags.

        A big cooler hand to deal with,hard decission to make against this type player.
        the opp played the hand well especially the check flop,
        i cant say you played that hand in an incorrect way except never reraise with a paired board just in case.
        I personally dont think many people would fold your hand but not many would reraise.

        hope this helps ulucky


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          Hi cletero,

          Vs. an opponent who is limping into a lot of pots, I'm definitely raising in position to isolate him with KJs... I think you miss a lot of profit by not isolating on a single weak limper who has a wide range.

          I am generally going to raise on the turn rather than flat call. We can get value from KQ, QJ, KT, JT that call with a pair+gut shot, and of course we will always get value from Ax.

          On the river it's a bit funny that a min-raise war breaks out. Min-raises are often the sign of a monster in loose-bad players like this, he knows he should raise again but is afraid you'll fold so he compromises those two things and min-raises. As played I would raise his river lead more for value, he's betting .08c into .15c, I like making around .30c-.35c here as he is always paying it off with Ax. After you raise him and he 3-bets it, I would just call at that point. It's possible he's overplaying trip aces, but his line looks super strong. I think we're good often enough to show down our straight, but it's not good enough to 4b given the strength being shown.

          When he 5-bets I think the chances we're good are pretty slim, he'd have to be really clueless to be 5-betting with just trip aces... but for .08c into a pot of .87c I think we should pay him off, there is probably enough clueless factor in him just based on the fact that you've noted he seems to be spewing a lot to make a call getting 11-1 correct.

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