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AcQh - AK9diamond flop - 6maxNLHE $0.01/$0.02

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  • AcQh - AK9diamond flop - 6maxNLHE $0.01/$0.02

    I am on the button with AcQh and raise 4x after a limper. Both blinds and the limper call. Flop comes all diamonds, AK9. I now hold top pair. The big blind bets $0.15 into a $0.32cent pot and gets a call. The action is now on me. I had been the most aggressive player at the table preflop, raising more often and with a wider range than my opponents. All the other players have been fairly tight and none has shown down without at least a made hand, so I suspect the other players have hit some of the flop or are on strong draws. They had also not been raising preflop very often, even with middle-strong pairs (77-JJ) or big aces, but often limp/calling hands of that range. So far I have only seen preflop raises from them reach showdown with QQ+ and AQ+. With one player behind still to act, do I have the right price to continue to see another card? Should I call to control the pot, raise to try to see where I stand, or fold to avoid getting into a bad spot? Good luck all Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
    4 Time Bracelet Winner

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    This spot is indeed some sort of dilemma because of the awkward stacksizes. I can see merits to both raising and calling.

    Raising the flop does yield some value against single diamonds and worse aces. However, the real danger here is that raising can also cause you to sometimes get your money in drawing slim/dead without a diamond against made flushes, two pair or sets.

    I would consider both opponents' tendencies and think about whether or not you expect them to be calling/jamming against a raise with a lot of worse hands/draws. If the answer is yes, raising can be profitable. If both of them are fairly tight and solid raising wont accomplish much since they might be folding too often and only continue with better.

    On the other hand calling can be good too. You do give both players a cheap look at the turncard, but you will also be able to collect further information and you can take pretty good decisions on most turns (i.e. folding any diamond turn, calling on blanks or Q/As). I would probably be inclined to fold if one of them bets the turn big.

    - Felix
    Live Trainer


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      i like flixxs analysis.but is it really worth calling to peel off what? obvious if you were agressive they probably would of called any reraise due to not believing you. My opinion is an instant fold,putting money into a dead hand like that is dangerous regardless of pot odds.
      you had no diamond ,more than obvious one of the two other players would have a diamond draw of some sort and a big possibility of a set.
      i think its a snap fold or preflop a bigger raise but again playing aggressive you still would of been callled.



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