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2NL FR: 9,10c, flopped trips, Milking a LAG

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  • 2NL FR: 9,10c, flopped trips, Milking a LAG

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    4 Limpers in pot UTG bets the flop (small bet). He played the table 60/15/3 (only 25 hands in history). He had bet other villians out of their hands previously. Previous bet sizing varied from 1/2 pot to double pot post-flop. I had not seen him call raises or chase draws prior to this hand. While I was sure the trips were good over him, I was unsure if I: a. Maximised value b. Protected my hand well enough from draw hands (e.g. KQ on the turn - thought I'm sure he would have bet big if that occurred) Any advice is much appreciated Cheers FH

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    Hi Filthy,

    I agree with you when the villain checks to turn to us we are almost certainly ahead (and if we're not we'll get check-raised.

    We should definitely bet the turn for value. The villain will often have Ax and they'll call us with that. Probably also calling with KQ or KJ if they happen to hold it.

    So as to your specific questions:

    A) I don't think you maximized value... the turn bet is too small, only .04c into a pot of .17c. The villain is probably willing to call a much larger bet with this holding just an ace, as they no longer have a kicker problem with the K playing. How much they'll call is uncertain, but the guy is super loose so I'd bet on the larger end, close to the pot size. .12c-.15c sounds about right. If you bet .12c and he calls, there'd be .41c in the pot so you could get another .30 out of Ax on the river most likely.

    B) Well the really small turn bet is giving him a nice price at over 5-1, but there's little concern of draws here as they're all gut shots, so he's a bigger dog than that to improve. But you can still bet more for value.

    Hope this helps.

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      Betting is too small and remember you are against a LAG who plays 60% of all possible hands.

      So the turn has to be bigger nearly the pot for me and if he is still there at times I would pause and even at times over bet it to seem like I want to make it look like a 3 barrel bluff... a TAG would have folded if you bet more but I believe if he had any A he would call here.



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        Thanks all for the comments.
        I had been burnt a few times with getting check raised by such LAGs (didn't have sets on those occasions) so that explains a little of the sizing.

        Will make those corrections next time.




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