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6max cash game

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  • 6max cash game

    is that to loose for a 6max cash game or is it just ok? sorry wrong place i think
    Last edited by sverigelottn; Tue Jan 31, 2012, 08:16 PM. Reason: i didnt cross the box that said evulation something i think :P

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    Originally posted by sverigelottn View Post
    sorry wrong place i think
    No problem Servi,

    I've just popped it into the NLHE Hand Analysis Section for it to be analysed.

    Thanks for posting!



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      Hi Sverigelottn.

      Without real reads (you provide none), this could be a little bit loose for a 6 max game.

      In my opinion, a lot of what it takes to determine whether this is "too loose", is knowing what sorts of flops you NEED to see with a hand like 45s in order to either win the pot, or guage the size of your risk/reward ratio. If you do not have reads, such as "the BB will call loose then fold flops", you could be setting yourself up to over value some of the hands you may flop with 45s, and that could cost you in the long run.

      As played though, these are my thoughts:

      PRE FLOP:

      If you are going to open the pot with a hand like 45s, I much prefer raising to open it as you do here. Doing that tends to build a larger pot immediately, and that may be an amount you can take down on continuation.

      Normally, I like the fact you open raised to 8c, rather than what appears to be a more "typical" 6c open here, as that amount adds a bit extra to the pot if you get 1 or 2 callers, yet does not build such a large pot playing draws in position will be too expensive.

      In this spot though, the BB is short stacked. Your raise has set up a SPR of a bit over 5 going to the flop, and this is going to tend to hurt your chances of bluffing or semi bluffing the flop on continuation, and taking this one down. So in my opinion, this BB's stack is probably a little bit too small to try doing this, at least without a read saying he will call/fold quite often.


      With the A on the flop and you holding a gut shot and middle pair, when the opponent checks to you I do not really mind a C-Bet. This gives you the best chance of representing the A, and it is highly reasonable that the BB will think you have that A after your pre flop raise; this C-Bet may win you the pot without any need to improve against a 'better" hand like 66/77/88.

      I do not, however, think you are likely to get any A to fold on this depth of money.

      As long as you recognize that you will probably NEED improvement to win if your C-Bet is called, I see nothing wrong with it at all.

      The villain does flat you...what were your plans at this point if I may ask sverigelottn?



      You make your gut shot on the turn, and you know fully expect to have the best hand I'm sure. At that point your aggro actions earlier are really going to pay off, as this BB has put a good bit of chips into the pot.

      With 2 more betting streets left, and a pot grown to 36c, the Villain's remaining chips should not be very hard at all to get into the middle if he calls anything on the turn.

      I must say, I do like the fact you did not try to get "cute" on your big turn, and I like the 2/3rds pot bet there. This 20c amount sets you up very easily to stack the villain if he has enough to call, yet 2/3rds appears to be "inviting" enough that if he did not think he was behind on the flop, he probably still does not think he is behind on the turn.

      Nice result Sverigelottn, and in large part it was brought about by your solid betting pattern.

      I must say though, I would have prefered a deeper BB stack to try this against, or at the very least, a tight/passive BB that I could get to fold quite often. We simply did not have those reads here though...

      Hope it helps.

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        Duplicate. Self Edit. Sorry.
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          thanks Jdean now i c it from a better perspective



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