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5nl 6max QQ Small all-in preflop miro ranges

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  • 5nl 6max QQ Small all-in preflop miro ranges

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Hi again everyone, This pot is your standard cooler situation and you might be wondering why i'm posting it,i just wanted to question the allin ranges of micro players,maybe my sample isn't quite large enough yet but i feel like once i get to 4betting preflop in these games my opponents range can be narrowed to AA-KK AK My opponent in this spot had a vpip:16 and Pr:12 over 30 or so hands,can i call his 4bet here preflop and play the hand post-flop when fairly deep? or am i just over obsessing about a standard cooler spot that just will happen sometimes in any game,where in a micro game i could be flipping against AK or be up against JJ-1010 or AQ against some looser players,it just seems to me like in these games the preflop all-in ranges are very small. Anyway thats enough tell me if i'm being foolish i look forward to reading your thoughts

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    Prelop on you hand

    Hi there, i think that when your opponent 4bet you you should have just called.
    My reasoning is that for him to 4bet you to 20% of your stacks he now should only have AA or KK other hands such as 1010 JJ AQ and AK are more likely to just call your 3 bet because there is 2 much risk that they are behind.
    Also when you 5 bet him 1010 JJ AQ and AK are all going to realise that u have QQ KK or AA and therefore they will fold so in my oppinion the only hands that are going to then 6 bet u allin are KK and AA and obviously thats bad news for you.

    I believe 3 betting with your QQ was the right decision as you want to get money in againts those hands u have beat but if you then get 4bet it is likly that you are behind.
    You should have called at this point because it was only another 50-60 cents and your implied odds if u had hit a set were good as KK and AA are likly to pay u off.

    Also if u do get a loose player who is willing to go allin with AK then you might aswell c a cheap flop make sure he misses and therefore win the money that goes in preflop 70% of the time when Ak misses rather than winning all of your stack when AK doesnt beat ur QQ like 55% of the time.

    Neway thats my opinion and i hope it was helpfull, sorry if its confusing i do tend to blab on abit


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      Hi Again Nashy1996!

      I do tend to agree with Dany Boy NZ (and GO THE ALL BLACKS! U.S. Fan here!).

      You are facing an opp who appears to be reasonably tight for a 6max table, and also one that mainly raises to enter on a pretty disciplined value range. He DOES limp or call on occasion though, 1/3rd of the time he does not raise, so you really do not see any real "extremes" in the HUD data you provide us.

      In my opinion, this spot, much like any 3 and 4bet+ spots, require you to look BEYOND just VPiP and PFR. You really will benefit from looking at your HUD info on opponents' 3bet+ frequency as well as overall aggression factor (although in this spot, 30 hands in, you may not have significant data yet unless he 3bets+ FREQUENTLY). This info can give you greater insight into how the villain is likely to RE-ACT to some of the middle - of - range hands he might have raised. Also important is YOUR image at the table, specifically your 3bet % and overall aggression factor, as that will tend to weigh into 4bet decisions by tighter players who are watching you.

      Once you've weighed those things, in addition to the info you've provided us, in your spot I usually move on to these sorts of thoughts...

      "This guy is in LP, so he is probably open raising on most all his range. If he were on the bottom end of his range, and someone had raised to open he may flat along, but I really have to think he is open raising on most all his entries. My QQ is pretty strong, and I am likely to see something north of 65% equity versus his full range, so I can confidently 3bet here. Also, with 101BB effective, a standard raise making it around 2 times more than his raise is going to set me up pretty well with a good SPR to commit if/when my QQ is an over pair. If my QQ is not an over pair, I am not sticking myself too overly much either."

      I RAISE
      (I like your raise to 65c, and I would also like any raise from about 55c to go, up to around 70c to go.)

      Even lacking reliable info, you can probably pretty safely assume that a villain with a decent amount of discipline (and maintaining only a 16% VPiP at 6 max tends to take that), that he will probably fold the bottom 1/3rd of his range, 4bet the top 1/3rd, and flat the middle 3rd. That would tend to move my thought processes on to these things...

      "Hmmm...he just 4bet me. There is really no reason to believe this guy is a maniac who will do that on his entire range, so I know I can toss out hands like A5s/KTo/Q9s here. He also probably flats me on the middle part of his range, hands like 77/QJs that he might feel could flop a strong enough speculative hand to play against my 3bet. If he is on the top end of his range to 4bet, I have to assume I have around 59% equity versus that 5.3% range. "

      "A lot of that 5.3% range though will contain As or Ks though, and with about a 42% chance of at least 1 over flopping without me holding a set, building the pot further NOW may lead me into trouble. Besides, if I 5bet, that shrinks his ability to CALL to pretty much a 2.6% range of TT+/AKs, and the JJ/TT hands I am crushing may not be willing to move in or pay me off on the flop. Is it really profitable to raise again?"

      I CALL. (This would be my choice here Nashy1996).

      You choose to 5bet though.

      At that point, are you really getting 6bet by this guy with TT/JJ? If you are not likely to see that, then the only hands left in his range are AKs/KK/AA, and you are a race at best.

      This is someone who has shown a reasonable amount of discipline on your minimal number of hands, but even a few hands can be enough to clue you in to possible play tendencies. Therefore, I think your 5bet was a bit too risky with QQ. Because your info is minimal, I am not certain I "give up" to a 4bet, especially since you are on the BTN, and there is a chance the villain thinks you are jsut trying to bring some pressure yourself, but I really do not think I am moving my entire stack into the middle pre flop versus this opponent.

      Hope it helps.

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        I also agree that calling preflop is better in these spots. Vs. a tight guys opening range (and this guy's stats are nitty for 6-max although yes it's a small sample size), 3-betting will only fold out most of the hands in his range that QQ plays well against. On deep money, in position, vs. a tight opener, flatting QQ and playing flops is generally much more +EV.

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          @ Dave....just show him your QQ all in pre stats for those scarlet lettered charlitans.. that will make the point right now!.
          May the tinfoil protect you. MT



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