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10NL 4's Full facing raise on the river

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  • 10NL 4's Full facing raise on the river

    Hi! guys, its the first time I have played this opp so don't have any solid reads on him. Mostly he would raise each time entering the pot, even for example with K,Jo from early position. When the opp raises on the flop I didn't think he had 10,10 or Q,Q. Its not impossible but would he really play these hands like that from early position. I mean its more likely he could be playing A,A or K,K tricky. But I put him either on top pair or straight draw (A,K K,J or J,9) so decided to peel a card off and evaluate the situation on the turn. The turn and the river improve our hand to full house and after flatting on the turn the opp decides to raise on the river. From the raise on the river we can eliminate A,K K,J or J,9 unless the opp is on pure bluff so obviously he has a hand like top pair or possibly top two w/ Q,10. Now there are only two hands that beat us 10,10 & Q,Q (possible but highly unlikely) which I think we can eliminate from the opp's range. What would be the best course of action on the river? Is it better to be cautious and flat call on the river or more often than not our hand is good here so ship it for value since the opp has shown strength on the river by raising? Cheers.

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    Hi deadeyz,

    I think our hand is easily good often enough to re-raise him on the river, we should catch plenty of slow played preflop AA/KK's, as well as KQ and QTs, and A4s. Plus busted straight draws but he won't call our raise with those.

    I think the flop call is really a problem however. Taking a stab was ok but without solid reads this is a very easy fold for me on the flop, he's bloating the pot, and taking the initiative in position, we are rarely good here with bottom pair, and even if he's got a hand like KJ or J9 for the straight draw, so what? We don't have initiative or position, which means if we don't spike one of 5 outs we won't be able to continue to another barrel anyway (calling down with bottom pair is unattractive because our equity vs his range is very poor, even KJ/J9 have around 50% equity on the flop).

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