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Tutorial: How to post a hand for review

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  • Tutorial: How to post a hand for review

    Please read this tutorial carefully before posting your first hand here. This helps all of us to enhance the benefits we take out of our discussion about your hand.

    How to post a hand for review:

    Please start a new topic for each hand you like to get analyzed!


    The title of your topic should look like this: Limit, type of game, your own hand and your questions.

    Good title:
    "NL10 FR: AKs, flopped TPTK, tough river spot"

    Bad title:
    "Lost AK again vs. fish!!!"

    Your opening post:

    Please follow the instructions for our hand replayer:

    If you want to, you could also use a converter such as the one you can find at FlopTurnRiver

    Please add all useful information you have about all villains in the hand. This includes all reads you collected and relevant stats from Hold’em Manager or PokerTracker if you use such tracking software. The most helpful stats are VP$IP/PFR/AF, but depending on the situation, information about 3betting tendencies or continuation betting frequencies could be even more important. If there’s something the villains know about you that could potentially influence their play, please post that, too. If you don’t have any relevant information, please tell us that the villain is unknown.

    Good characterization of villains:
    Limper from UTG plays 65/17/1.5 after 100 hands. When raising the flop, he tabled the nuts at each of his four showdowns. Flatted an early position raise from the button holding 87o, called three barrels on A82TT board.
    Villain who isoraised the limper is a regular. He plays 16/12/3 (3k hands) and plays a solid TAG-style game. Likes to play his draws fast, bets missed draws on the river relatively small.
    I don’t have much history with any of them. My image at the table should be pretty solid, haven’t gotten out of line until now.

    Bad characterization of a villain:
    Villain is a huge fish.

    Please tell us your specific questions you like to get answered! Do you struggle with flop, turn, or river play in that hand? Or is it about betsizes? If there’s more than one spot that bothers you about the hand in question, feel free to ask all your questions.

    Please don’t post any results! It doesn’t help the discussion at all, if everybody knows in advance what hand villain had.

    If you reply to a posting:

    Please keep all discussion friendly! There is no need to tell somebody that he just misplayed his hand or flame him because of a play you think was suboptimal. If you give advice about what you think the best play is, you should also give a short explanation. That helps all of us to gain a better understanding.

    Thank you for contributing to the forums!

  • #2
    I'm picking this Tutorial post at random to point out the obvious.

    This is effing stupid.

    This is a poker SCHOOL. You think beginners know what the hell "NL10 FR: AKs, flopped TPTK, tough river spot" means?

    Get the hell out of here with this BS, let us members that are interested in helping, teaching, and learning from each other get back to what we were doing before the new admin came to town...

    You're not helping. You're not teaching. And if you haven't noticed, you're driving pretty much everyone away.

    Congrats. That's the way to make this place thrive.


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      Hello everyone,

      I am very sorry that you are not getting the point out of these tutorials. We are aware that most of you guys are beginner and not familar on how to post hands the right way to get a proper hand evaluation. These guidelines (yes, guidelines not strict rules) should help to learn on how to post a hand for evaluation so that you can get the most out of it. Posting a hand without a comment and a title like "I suck at poker" or "Should I've played better?" is simply not a good way to get a good high quality hand analysis.

      We don't want to drive everyone away we simply want to increase the quality and the value you get out of your time @ PSO! We want to increase your poker skills the right way!




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