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NLHE 6Max $0.01/$0.02 KK x 2

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  • NLHE 6Max $0.01/$0.02 KK x 2

    First hand short stacked opponent chases to the river. - should I have been more aggressive on earlier streets or was my bet-sizing OK? Second hand I probably get behind on the ace high flop to the same opponent who loves his Ax - but he bets oddly, and on the turn I am on a very strong draw that gets there. - sweet revenge - but could I have taken a better line?
    4 Time Bracelet Winner

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    Hi Edin, in hand 1 I can imagine choosing between a variety of lines and sizings depending on the opponent's tendencies. Due to his short stacksize I would not plan to fold an overpair anywhere postflop and vary between betting two streets for value to get him all-in. If you expect your opponent to be rather aggro and bluffy you could just call flop to encourage a move and still stack him on the remaining streets. Once you raise the flop and he calls I think you can just put him all-in and expect a call very often especially with all the draws out there. In hand 2 I would fold the turn - this is way too close for a call imo. He is overbetting insanely big and this offers you both bad pot and implied odds. You will need to win at least another $0.80 on the river to make your call on the turn profitable. The problem is however if he does have a small flush or Ace/Two Pair/Set and you river a flush he might just check and fold. The even holds some reverse implied odds for your hand since he can make a fullhouse with it. - Felix
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      Thanks Felix,

      Great to have you giving feedback on the 6MaxNLHE - especially as it is from following your training sessions I am playing this format now.

      The first hand, I am never folding against his stack size, irrespective of the board. Don't quite know how I failed to get him all in on the turn, left him a few cents in error.

      Second hand I had seen him show down Ax about 6 times in 4 orbits, and A2 was certainly in his range but seemed least likely. A6 was no surprise. My call on the turn I now see was a potentially expensive one, I'll try to avoid that. I still make a lot of mistakes, and that is typical, probably because I really wanted to take the guy out for a bit of retribution. Maybe not smart poker but still a part of the game. When I hit the nut flush I was 95% sure I had the best hand and 99% sure he would call an all-in with just an ace, let alone two pairs. So luckily it paid off.

      Gotta think smarter though.

      Good luck all

      Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
      4 Time Bracelet Winner



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