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  • Mistake?

    No Reads on the guy but I think the problem started when I called the reraise.... I thought a lot about it and folded... For me he had a set of AK for a better 2pair... What do you think guys as it seems a very interesting spot... Etienne

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    Hello Etienne,

    I must agree that your problem here lie in the fact you called the 3bet pre flop, having no real info.

    The fact is, by calling the 3bet pre you are setting up a beneficial SPR for you to stack off with ANY top pair/top kicker hand. You have better than that; having flopped top and bottom pair. Why do you not commit?

    The answer to that is pretty obvious: assuming a pretty tight 3bet range pre flop from out of the BB, there is not a whole lot you can beat now. JJ is un-likely to fire 2 barrels strongly on this flop, AQ is unlikely as you hold blockers, AK/AA/KK/QQ all have you crushed...there is not a ton of hope for you here really being ahead with top and bottom pair except maybe versus AJh/ATh (or Axh if the villain is very loose in 3bet range, which we do not know).

    In my opinion, this begs the question: Why call the flop bet?

    When you lack info, there is certainly no reason to go just on the fact the SPR was "right" to stack off if the board texture is wrong. But once you call the flop bet having really only 2 Qs or 2 As to possibly improve you to the best hand (neither being a guarentee), you are starting to see the pot build and your commitment to that pot build as well. It strikes me that once you've called the 80c and left yourself with just a bit over 1 pot size bet in your stack, that was getting a bit too deep to give up on your 2 pair. Getting that deep you probably now have to call down an hope the opponent AJh or Axh, and not AA/KK/QQ/AK.

    The time to recognize your AQ may not have been good enough was on the flop, before calling the lead bet.

    Hope it helps.

    Last edited by JDean; Tue Jan 24, 2012, 11:46 PM.
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