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Was this overplayed??

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  • Was this overplayed??

    Hi This is a hand that I think I played badly but I would appreciate any feedback on it. I had a decent hand before the flop and decided to raise, the villain 3-bet me which I know could mean a better pair but he could also be doing it with a hand like AK or AQ. The flop had a lot of low cards so I figured that I would be ahead a lot of the time so I check-raised him and kept going when more low cards came out on the board. He called me down with a better pair in the end. Should I have been more wary of a higher pair considering that he 3-bet before the flop?? Owen

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    Hi Rafasrevenge!

    Nope, I do not think you over played this at all in LHE, in fact I think the Villain missed value on you by not raising later streets...

    Pre flop, your raise is fine. A high middle pp is going to tend to play far better in LHE against fewer players, simply because you are not going to be able to price out draws with a larger bet as you could in NLHE. So your raise pre over the limper is fine. When you get raised on the BTN, you really cannot fold to a single bet profitably in a HU pot of this size.

    On the flop, when you hold an over pair, your C/R makes sense too. Going for that when you hold an over pair to the board far more often than not will get an extra small bet in good. It also serves to define your hand pretty well, to help you SLOW DOWN to some threat cards which may come (A/K/Q). Please note: I say "slow down", NOT FOLD. Already on the flop you are looking at a pot that will be paying you better than 5 to 1+ to call, even if an over card does come.

    When the villain does not raise your C/R, I am certainly ranging him thusly: Big un-paired cards he is drawing at, a smaller pp, a decent straight draw (down graded a bit due to pre flop action), a better pp, or a set. Of these, I am suspecting I will see a big over pair/set hand probably go for a turn raise when the bets increase, and while I would HATE to see that, I canot live in fear of it and leave free cards to the over cards either. So in my opinion, your turn lead is fine.

    When I do not get raised on the turn , I am again feeling confident that I am ahead with JJ and betitng the river. I do not want to get "tricky" and try to check the river to go for another check/raise, as my opp may well check behind on overs or a pp like 88/99 due to my lead throughout. I will be honest, I am a bit surprised the villain did not raise you on the river, but even if he had, I think I'd be insta-calling the raise.

    Bottom line in my opinion is: you had every reason to both think your hand was valuable enough to C/R the flop, and/or to try a C/R for defintion. Thereafter you simply led the betitng with a strong over pair to the board, exactly as you should when you suspect our are ahead in LHE; if you don't, YOU will miss value far more often than not. The villain gave you no reason to "fear" your hand, and left at least 1 big bet on the table you'd be calling WAY more often than not.

    If anyone mis-played this hand, it wasn't you!

    Good hand, Hope it helps.

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      Thanks for the analysis JDean. It was pretty detailed!

      I thought I would be ahead more often than not there but wasnt sure so I wanted to see what others thought.

      Much appreciated



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