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Tough spot for my Ladies...

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  • Tough spot for my Ladies...

    Sorry for not capturing the right hand on the hand replayer guys..

    So I just sit on a table of 2/5c cash game and till I get reads on the other players usually I play ABC poker and try not to put myself in difficult spots..

    Around 10 hands later player which is v tight and has a rating of 10/6 which is v tight raises from UTG to 20c I call and everyone folds, even the blinds... ( I use pokeredge and have around 100k of data on this player. )

    Flop is KJK rainbow...

    Player A bets 30c and I call...

    Turn 10...

    Player A checks and I check behind him... Thought for a second to bet and get more info but decided to check behind and keep the pot small as a player like that usually has AA KK or AK or even JJ which I am all losing to..

    River an A comes...

    He checks again... I pause and I bet around 1/4 the pot and he shoves.... I type nice hand and fold my hand...

    I believe he had me beat all the way and the fold was v good but would like to know from others what do they think. My Straight was no good and I believe I did a mistake to bet the river but apart from that I think I played it well. He had around 4$ still behind him so shoving 4$ in a pot of around 1.30$ is a sign that he was letting me get some kind of good hand as he might have had a full house of even quads on the flop.


    NB.. Did not know I couldn't use that tool, I will have to use one of the other legal ones!
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    firstly you might want to look at the floowing link number 31 on the list.

    WHy cal the flop bet if you think he prob has you beat to one of the two remaining Q's?

    its one of those situations where with the tight player in the pot and you have called you ask your self what is my plan. what range of flops will i be beating what range of hands will i be ahead of.

    A flat check on the river would probly been the play for me here.

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      Hi Etienne,

      Definitely stop using pokeredge, thanks Grade b for linking that.

      Preflop I definitely like the flat call, we don't want to 3b a nit's UTG raising range with QQ because we'll be very likely to just fold out the few worse hands in his range.

      On the flop this is probably just a fold, or a marginal call. Not that we were calling pre just to set mine with QQ, but the flop is terrible for us. His preflop raising range is probably something like TT+ and AK (this is only 3.5% not 6% as per his stats, but 6% is an average PFR over all positions, here he's UTG so can be expected to open tighter than normal).

      So preflop when we call, we're beating JJ, TT, AK, losing to KK, AA, and have the positional advantage. This is fine. On the flop of KKJ however now we're only beating TT. Raising to try and rep the king is not good. So this is just a fold. If he has AQ/99 in his opening range as well, then I think we can make a marginal call.

      Checking back the turn for pot control is fine, if we are ahead he has very few outs and isn't likely to put any more money in the pot on the turn anyway, but may pay off a token value bet on the river. If we're behind we are getting called or raised, he's never folding.

      On the river definitely I would check it down. He's not likely paying us off with TT here and everything else in his range now beats us... if we can't get called by worse or fold out better (and we can't here) then there's no reason to bet.

      Hope this helps.

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        Hi Etienne, I actually don't think this is a tough spot at all.

        On the river you're beat by...100% of his range. His entire range of [TT+, AK] is a full house (or better) now. There is no way you're getting him to fold a boat so I would just check/fold the river. I don't think you can really rep AK or KK or AA to fold his JJ or TT either. It would be a sick bluff if you could pull it off...but you can't at this level. Not even against a nit. Not even if you had K to block KK/AK or an A to block AA/AK. With QQ this is a fairly easy check/fold and any money you put in on the river is dead money. Sometimes it's okay to check/fold.
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          Originally posted by oriholic View Post
          Hi Etienne, I actually don't think this is a tough spot at all. On the river you're beat by...100% of his range. His entire range of [TT+, AK] is a full house (or better) now.
          Oof, I missed that the turn was a ten, really need an actual hand history to look at lol. ori's right, your hand is never good here and on the off chance he has 99 he's not paying you off with it, so there's no point in betting, just check behind him and show it down. umbup:
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