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Did I play these well?

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  • Did I play these well?

    Thought he had a J but really and truely I wanted him to reraise me though he seemed fearfull so I think the call is enough. Etienne

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    Go into previous whilst playing and you will see what he had...




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      Originally posted by topthecat View Post
      Go into previous whilst playing and you will see what he had...


      you can go into ur HH at any time and see this info any time. even now . your HH will show in the summary, villain(whatever his screen name is) didn't show and will have his cards in parentheses
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        He had J10..


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          Hello Etipac,

          To really know if continuing PAST the flop was a good choice is based upon your info; if you lack the info that says the villain...

          A) Will pay off the totality of his stack (you are near break even on eV to draw at a set only if he pays you all his stack to draw at 2 outs), for you to draw at a set.


          B) Whether or not he will give a free river card in case you increased your equity vs a J (or a cheap enough card to lay correct odds to continue)


          C) That he MIGHT be betting on less than your 99 at least a reasonable amount of the time,

          ...You probably are better off folding on the flop.

          If you have any of these info bits a peel is probably ok. Just given what you wrote though, "I thought he had a J", you should fold on this flop.

          You did not fold though, and you hit "gin"...

          Now is the time to do whatever you can to get max value from your set. You should not be reluctant to do so because the possibility that the 9 completed a straight (if T8 is there); THAT was something to think about BEFORE peeling. Again, how best to get as much in as you can is going to take more info than you give here. I do, however, believe you should not flat the turn, as that will leave the pot too small to make it remotely likely to get the villain's entire stack unless he improves.

          As played, the J on the river too is a great card to re-deem the lost chance to get value back in the pot by making a much LARGER raise. You've read villain all along as having a J, so do you think he is likely to muck trips on the river to a big bet? Or is he more likely to view a large over bet as a desperate bluff and pay off?

          This is the kind of thought you needed to be looking ahead to, before you even decided to go past the flop. As played, it strikes me you left a TON of value on the table here, and did not even approach getting the right price to peel.

          Hope it helps.

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