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Did I play it well?

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  • Did I play it well?

    So I am from the tiny and beautiful island of Malta and on facebook there are 2poker groups and when this happened to me I asked them if I played it well and they said I did not. Now I am not 100% convinced so would like to ask you guys since a lot in here have better knowledge.

    So on the BB I have KK with a stack of 5$ and blinds at cash game are 2/5c.
    Player A from UTG2 raises to 20c and it is folded to me and I reraise him to 55c and he calls. My reads on this guy is that he is a super tight guy and in 30mins I only saw him playing 2hands, KK & AA.

    Flop is 39K and he bets 3/4 pot which is 84c I call as there are not draws as well.
    Turn is a 3 and he bets 3/4pot again which is 210c into a pot of 280c and I push all in for what I have left which is approx a bit less then 50%, I figure he has AA or else, 999 or 3333 and I have the 2nd nuts but he shows 3333 and wins all the pot.

    Questions are these...
    1) Did I do good for info and to get max value to raise with KK from the BB?
    2) Did I do good to shove on the turn when you have the 2nd nuts or on the whole?
    3) Did I play it right or what would I change?


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    I like the repop pre and the size of it.
    I'm definitely gonna be tryin' to get all the chips in on the turn,as at that point exactly 1 hand has you beat 33
    I wouldn't change how you played that 1 iota.
    All that's left to say is nice hand (you luckbox) lol reload time.
    Sinse only the one hand has you beat (3333) you really should concider your hand to be the nuts here
    Many, many, many, more times he'll be holding rockets or an under boat than quads, and you'll be rakin a fat pot.
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      played it fine, if they think you should know he had quads they are nuts... unless you were playing on merge, then quads are obvious


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        Check out thread 7or8 posts or fold the river? By diveallin Same, same
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          Hi Etienne,

          Preflop is standard, yes I like it fine. Post flop action is a bit confusing as you say he bets and you call the flop, he bets and you shove the turn... you're first to act though, so I think you mean the action went check-bet-call, check-bet-shove? I think this is fine to as you can perhaps get some value from QQ/JJ when you check the flop. AK/AA won't fold anyway so you'll get action from them no matter what you do. As for getting it in, you should be willing to get stacks in at any point, NOT getting it in would be insanely bad. At worst if he would only get it in with AA, 99, or 33, then you are a 9-1 favorite to have the best hand on the turn.

          Not sure what advice the groups were giving you since you weren't specific, but if it had anything to do with you not being willing to commit and play for stacks post flop, they are squarely wrong imo.

          Also, you can update your info on the villain. We can no longer call him super tight guy after he opens with a baby pair in early position, then calls a 3b with it.

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            True almost


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              Hi Etipac.

              I would really need to know what the opponent's stack is to say for sure, but as played it sounds just fine to me, although you might have done things a little bit differently. Consider...

              First, anyone who is on an open range that is so tight it contains ONLY AA/KK is going to cost themselves so much in blinds waiting for those hands they will likely be a long term loser if they play against any opponents who can even approach a decent ability to use ranging thoughts. This means right up front, ranging anyone that tightly is almost always going to be a mistake. If they even have just 1 more hand in their range (QQ), you are almost exactly 50/50 versus an AA/KK/QQ range, and in a cash game that is reason enough with the blinds in the pot as overlay to justify your raise pre with KK. Your 3bet pre was fine in my opinion.

              That raise you made, when it gets called, sets up a beneficial stack to pot ratio for your KK of just under 5 going to the flop.


              When you flop the nuts on a K93 rainbow board, versus a very tight range there is really no reason not to raise again when the villain leads, assuming this guy will NEVER bet without a strong hand. His bet of 84c on the flop bloats the pot to near $2.00, and that is starting to be quite a large pot for $5 start stacks. Because of this, there is really no reason not to raise strongly with the nuts, as even if he folds out you still take down a pretty decent score. This is the point where you COULD have done something differently than you did.

              I really do not see it a "mistake" at all that you did not raise immediately though on your nut set here. The flop is so strong for you that you are facing a 2 out draw AT MOST to beat you, and you have a villain leading into you who is quite likely to hold strong value in his hand and will continue betting. If he has strong value, you can justify a raise now, but IN CASE he doesn't have strong value, and is betting on something like QQ, there is no real need to wake him up to the possibility he might be beat. If the threats to your set were greater on this flop, say an oesd or a flush draw might be marginally possible in his tight range, I'd say the added risk of losing this growing pot on the turn would be enough to make me favor immediately raising into a tight range for value on this size pot. But without those threats, I am quite inclined to attempt extracting at LEAST 1 more street of value from him by letting him lead the turn exactly as you did.

              When the 3 peels, and you boat up, and the villain leads again, that card is really not likely to have beaten you if this guy were so tight that KK could even THINK of not raising pre. With less than a pot bet in your stack, there is absolutely no sense in you not putting the rest of your chips into the pot. I mean there is exactly 1 hand that beats you here, and if this guy has it, so be it. There are just too many possible hands he could do this on that you are beating to do anything but you did...and that's jam.

              When the villain rolls over 33 for quads, oh well...

              So I'd say you are definately correct in suspecting the "opinions" of your other 2 poker groups, where they are telling you that you somehow mis-played this hand. You played this one just fine, and jsut got un-lucky to see the 1 hand that beat you.

              Hope it helps.

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                Originally posted by TheLangolier View Post
                Hi Etienne,

                Preflop is standard, yes I like it fine. Post flop action is a bit confusing as you say he bets and you call the flop, he bets and you shove the turn... you're first to act though, so I think you mean the action went check-bet-call, check-bet-shove?

                I saw this too, and it confused me as well. I assumed that yoy were not in BB though, and were actually behind the UTG +2 raiser, and based my opinion on that.

                If you were actually in BB, it really doesn't change a whole lot, except you may want to bet a little more often into a perceived tight range on the flop and later, as he may check behind any check by you and not add value for you. Still, the flop was so huge that if you had any hope in having a perceived tight player leading, a slow play on the flop was a reasonable choice for you.

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                  I am sorry!!!

                  I was on the button, I wrote it badly, so I had flop,turn and river to be the last to act.. (sorry but was writing it while at work ;-P )



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