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Hand vs nanonoko on his World Record

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  • Hand vs nanonoko on his World Record

    I think my play was good since he was beeing so aggresive and was playing so many tables tried to trap him, and got unlucky. Was my play correct, should i have re-raised on flop ?

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    in my opinion, it would be better to re-raise before a flop with this kind of hand. In case he would call then you bet or re-raise on a flop would have greater weight.
    AA is very good and the same time very dangerous hand, so you should try DO NOT slow play by trying to win a lot. It's better to win a little but not to lose a lot. This is the exactly situation when you have AA in your hands
    Lately I have had several situation where I have lost with AA and I won with AA, so I have decided to play very aggressive and the same time very carefully.

    Good luck.
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      I dont see anything wrong here you won lots off people a freeroll ticket well done.umbup:


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        Hey AJEI, I understand the line you were taking, Trying to trap him, but I think you prob already know it is a dangerous play. My opinion if you are willing to try and slow play aces, you have to be willing to fold them if all signs say you are beat. I know this time when all the money went in you had the best hand. ( which hurts even more) If you had of reraised pre flop or on the flop you might of lost value but reduced your risk of loosing. So all in alll you prob were willing to take these risk to maximize value, I guess. Just my 2 bobs worth,umbup: Good luck to you.
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          except for an all in preflop ( he may have folded here) no matter what you did he was there for the duration-- top pair on flop--top pair nut flush on turn---nuts on river.
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            I think the one of the main issues here is that you have around 50bb while he has around 100bb so when you don't reraise him preflop which you might want to trap and you still don't check/raise him on the flop maybe even shove to induce a fold you will have him stay with you for the whole journey, but to shove you need to make him on that hand which is very difficult and once you have a set that big you really will not think he will beat you unless he has a flush draw... and remember that you have a redraw... I think maybe being the aggressor might have saved the day with a shove but too difficult once the turn comes he has a pair and the nut flush draw and you have a small stack so for him is an easy call of course.



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              Hi AJ,

              I think flatting for deception preflop is fine considering you're playing a half stack. Personally I would have been 3-betting his button opens a lot knowing he was 40 tabling, and so for me the best strategy is to also 3b with my big hands. But if you're not 3-betting him usually then it signals too much strength (if you HAD been 3 betting his button opens, then I definitely prefer 3-betting again here with AA).

              I like your flop line of check/calling since you flatted pre and left him with the initiative. You have this flop crushed, he doesn't rate to have too many hands in his range that can continue to give you action so I think letting him follow through with a c-bet is mandatory. We can check-raise now but that shows a ton of strength, in a spot where we are actually super strong, and his range over all is fairly weak.

              I the turn I don't like checking to him again... he's not likely to bluff at it when you check/call the flop as your hand looks like maybe Ax or a flush draw, and the flush just go there. For the same reasons he's never going to semi-bluff if he has a single club, as he's smart enough to know there's no "bluff" component if you hold an ace or better. So in other words I would expect him to give up and take a free card on the turn a ton. In this case he didn't because he specifically had top pair + nut flush draw, but other hands like KcQd for instance, he's just going to take a free card. So I would actually lead into him on the turn. He may interpret this action as you picking up a flush draw with a single club, and you're more likely to get a semi-bluff raise I think than you were to check and get a 2nd barrel. And it denies the free card to a single club.

              As played, I definitely like check-raising all in. The only hands that make much sense for him to be double barreling here are flushes (not many in his range combinatorically), the single ace of clubs, or another strong hand like a smaller set. Vs. this range you are going to be +EV getting it in so do it right away imo.

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                Hi Ajei and everyone...

                I was trying to weigh in here at about 4am, and after 3 attempts at it that I didn't like, I had to give up. I'm sorry for any extra delay this caused in you getting an answer from an HA person, but at lest Dave stepped up and filled the gap I left.

                The thing I was looking at here mainly was the pre flop start by you Ajei.

                I mean against a normal opp type raising on the button, I am simply not going to flat hardly ever here. I see no real sense in allowing a pre flop advantage to possibly morph into better equity vs my hand by an opp for free. Versus a skilled opp though, who is likely raising his button a lot wider, that is not nearly as straight forward in my opinion...

                On the 1 hand, I am still in favor of 3betting pre even if that makes the BTN villain fold, simply because you are facing one of the best in on line cash games. You are going to be hard pressed to out play him post flop to re-gain any value you lose by NOT 3betting; I mean nananoko isn't really likely to make many spew-y mistakes right?

                On the other hand, AA is such a strong hand you can certainly make a case for under-repping it in a HU pot. Plus, winning a nice pot post flop vs a top on line pro has such "extra ev" in terms of the pride you might feel, that I can completely understand the willingness to flat here, as winning if he folds a button steal won't give that same measure of pride.

                (Please note, I am NOT saying that changing your play line simply because you would be "out playing" a pro is a GOOD thing to do, but the reality exists that it DOES feel good, so this is a temptation. Nor am I saying that is what you are doing...but I know I'd be tempted to keep him around just to say "I won a $xx pot off nananoko!" )

                So to me, I think I am 3betting pre because that is what I'd normally do, but I can totally understand reasons for flatting as you did.

                On the flop, since you ceded the betting lead to the BTN by not 3betting, I really like your check on the flopped set. This opp is likely aggressive enough that he will c-bet super frequently, and you are certainly not scared of that. An immediate C/R on the flop is probably TOO aggro, even with 2 clubs on board. When nananoko c-bets, the SPR going into the turn has fallen to around 4 anyway, so even a 3rd club should probably not stop you from "going for it" on the turn anyway.

                I gotta agree with Dave that a lead on the turn is probably better than a check...

                The 3rd club increases your threat in giving a free card dramatically, and if Nananoko puts you in after you've led (or raises you at all), the pot is big enough and there are enough things that might be WORSE than your top set that he could have, to warrant you standing. I also have to agree with Dave that an immediate turn jam over nananoko's $10 turn bet is good for the same reasons a lead would be decent here.

                After that, it is down to the fact that nananoko is probably not staying here without good solid equity anyway, and with top pair/nut flush draw in this size pot, he probably has that...

                So just bad luck he spiked the 4th club to win.

                Good hand...thanks for posting!
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                  Thanks for all the information



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