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flopped set on scary board

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  • flopped set on scary board

    2nd hand @ tbl and my 2nd evr vs this opp. No real reads When my opponent donks the flop I decided I should proceed cautiously... Given opponents actions on rivr are you doing what I'm doing?
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    Hi rule,

    Yes I'm happy to get it in on the river... he can have a bigger full house of course as his line on the river indicates a genuinely strong hand, but he'll also have trip K's, straights, and flushes in this spot so against the range of hands he might play this way for value, we should be good vs most of them.

    As an aside, the king high straight on this board texture is NOT that strong a hand for the situation. Many times players don't recognize this, but when he check-raises and you come back over the top all in YOUR range looks very strong. With a 3 flush and a paired board, you shoving all in over his check-raise with just a K high straight (the same hand he has) would be a bit suspect without reads imo... so he's basically calling off with a hand that amounts to not much more than a bluff catcher, since most or all of your value range in this spot beats a K high straight. I'm adding this (even though it has nothing to do with your hand or play) because it's an important concept for people to be thinking about... I'm sure this villain didn't call your shove because he thought you were bluffing often enough to make the call profitable, he called because he had a straight and in his brain a straight is a big hand. Sometimes it is but in this situation (this board texture vs. the range of hands you'd 3b shove the river with) it's really not a big hand, it's not much more than a bluff catcher.

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