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slowplaying vs. lag

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  • slowplaying vs. lag

    During the around 10hands this opponent had been at the table he had been very laggy, playing almost every hand. what do you think of my opponent's play in this hand?
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

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    Pre flop:

    I think your opponent's decision was horrible.
    He simply does not have enough chips to effectively play any type of drawing hand oop versus a raise.


    I think your opponent's actions are somewhat reasonable, if a bit hopeful.

    This is the sort of flop that backs up my opinion that his hand was not a good one to be playing oop on a 35BB short stack. He hit a pair on a dry board, but versus a raise there is a good chance his low pair is no good.

    Still, as played, what did he EXPECT from playing a 34s?

    That is why I say his action in betting is reasonable, if a bit hopeful; I feel if he makes the mistake of calling this raise, it would possibly be a BIGGER mistake not to lead out here in case both you and the raise on on un-paired overs, and are willing to call to draw.


    Nothing else he can do...

    He makes a boat, the pot has grown quite large in relation to his stack, and the same things apply as on the turn: he is either ahead or he isn't.

    If he is ahead, there is a chance 2 overs may not 'believe" he hit, and may call to draw at him. If you AND the other opponent were all but NEVER calling on just overs in this dry pot, then his play is probably "meh"...he is only getting called by better and folding out worse. But with an SPR of just over 1 set up going to the turn, the chance does exist he might get called by AK/AQ here a reasonable amount of the time.

    So I think his action is fine on this street.

    The REAL problem with his play was in CALLING on his 34s...he probably needed to RAISE or fold. At least raising would have set up a chance for him to move in on the flop if he caught any piece, and the pre-flop 3bet would have expressed more "strength" than a flat oop does; that 3bet MIGHT have been what was needed to get hands like 66/77 who might raise to open in LP to fold a minor over pair on this dry flop...barely.

    It would have been far preferable to just fold pre flop in my opinion though.

    Your play throughout, obviously, was just fine.

    Hope it helps.

    Double Bracelet Winner



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