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Trilling hand comes to good result.

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  • Trilling hand comes to good result.

    This happened to me yesterday evening in cash games 2/5c sorry if I do not remember the right amounts though you should get the right picture just the same. Since it is not a very usual hand I would like to know if I could have done anything different.

    Player A with around 6dollars raises from early x3 bb
    Player B on the button calls
    Player C from the SB thinks a bit and calls too he has 9.50$
    I call from BB with 9 10 offsuit and my stack is 12.40$

    Flop is a miracle 9 9 10 rainbow.. !!! :-)

    Player C thinks and check...
    I check...
    Initial raiser player A bets half the pot, Player B folds and Player C reraises x2
    I call...
    Player A who must have had maybe a hand like AK folds.

    Turn Q comes... and Player C bets something very small like 1/4 of the pot and I start smelling fishy... I call but at this point I think he must have or 10 10 or Q Q...

    River the Case 9 comes that gives me the nuts.. and Player C bets half the pot... Of course I shove all in with the nuts and he calls and shows QQ !!!

    At this level hands are usually played straight forward and not with such a thought in it so is there anything wrong I did even if the result was super? I am asking this because it is a bit of a strange hand to be in and thank god I smelled it bad and I was paying attention or else without the case 9 I would have lost maybe everything to him.


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    preflop: you can call or fold here. You're out of position, so you normally want to be playing better cards here, but you do have a hand with potential.

    flop: when it's checked to you, you need to be leading out here. An opp can easily have 9x with a larger kicker that could pair later in the hand. If so, you need to make them pay to draw at it. And, you definitely need to be calling any raises... it's a good thing if your opps want to be raising into your full house... but remember, it's the bottom full house, someone could have pkt 10's here too.

    turn: I really like your thinking here. 10's or Q's is definitely a possibility. Calling here for pot control (because you're not folding your full house here) is a good idea.

    river: when you hit quads, you want to do anything that you can to get as many of your opp's chips into the pot as possible. They bet and you shove. If you think the opp will call a shove, it's absolutely the correct play. If you think the opp won't call a shove, then raise to whatever amount you think the opp will call.

    At 2NL or 5NL, you really want to be playing ABC poker. Bluffs won't work as well at these levels, as you'll normally have at least 1 or 2 calling stations at your table that will call anything, or players that will keep their hands even if it looks like they're beat.

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