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3betting from the BB w/ 98s

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  • 3betting from the BB w/ 98s

    This hand was my opponent's 9th hand at the table. A player had busted and left and then this guy sat immediately. He may have been observing the table. He hadn't been involved in any pots yet. In this hand he comes in for a raise and I decided to play the 98s. I hadn't been involved in any pots really after he sat. Before then (roughly 18-24 hands) I had been somewhat active, aggresively taking down 4-6 pots, but having to shut down and fold about 3-4 pots. Do you like my play in this hand? I decided on the river I couldn't win unless I bet my opponent allin. Was this a bad bluff?
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    Preflop is debatable, I personally don't like it against unknowns as long as I don't have any information on their:

    - stealing freqeuency (from CO)
    - folding/calling frequencies in position against a 3-bet
    - tendencies in 3-bet pots (station? folding a lot?)

    Also, by 3-betting you reduce the stack ot pot ratio making it tough to play many flops profitably. TP flops won't always make you winners and draws miss out on what makes them profitable: room to maneuver, implied odds and position. Without information on my opponent I am mostly folding OOP here. Calling and 3-betting can become profitable once more reads/info on the opponent and his tendencies are available.

    I think flop and turn bets are very close being somewhat too thin for value and much more of a semibluff. This ends up in some sort of dilemma for your hand because you cant really get called by worse but on the same note cant make a lot of better hands fold because of boardtexture.

    Since you have showdown value on the turn and a lot of equity to fill up you can also check intending to c/c most bets. This may also keep your opponents range a little wider.

    I would probably c/f the river since I dont excpet villain to fold 1 Pair once he called on a scary turn. c/c might be too thin too since the only real draw that busted out is 76 and I dont expect many rivershoves from worse made hands.

    - Felix
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      Hi Felix,

      By the time I got to the river my read on his hand was tens actually. So when he flipped them over to take the pot I wasn't suprised. I see what your saying about him not folding to a river bet after calling that scary turn, combined with all the previous action in the hand.

      I guess this wouldn't have happened at all had I made this play with better reads on my opponent.



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