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55 utg

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  • 55 utg

    Last edited by rule110; Sat Jun 09, 2012, 08:52 PM.

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    Pre Flop:

    I do not get the reason for the min raise pre...

    If you are being very loose/aggro, and your opp's are re-acting passively, you'd build a larger pot for the times you flop a set by raising a more standard amount like 15c to go UTG (3BB to go). That amount would also tend to give you slightly more levearage in C-Bet spots too.

    If you are being loose/aggro, and your opp's are responding by 3betting your small raises, a LIMP UTG to set mine 55 might be better. It would save you 10c in case someone raises you and you have to fold.

    Now do not get me wrong, if you are making a STANDARD open raise of 20c to go, and you are doing it frequently to support your loose/aggro image, then this min raise UTG is perfectly fine as part of a balanced range. If a min raise is not your standard, you may want to raise a different amount UTG, or limp instead.


    When you bink your set, I like the fact you lead out for a touch over half pot. If you are playing a LAG style, and your opp's have noted that, there is no sense NOT to start betting early; they will be less prone to believe you any way.

    The sizing is also quite good, because it is a sustainable amount, one you can make in a variety of C-Bet situations. The more often you are likely to make a given bet, the more likely it will be to get called, so when you have a hand near the top end of your range, those calls are good for you indeed.


    Not really loving your C/R in isolation (absent other circumstances). If, however, you've tried C/R bluffs and/or semi bluffs, I think it is fine. Consider...

    The board is really quite dry for most UTG raisers.
    A C/R tends to be really STRONG, and signals an opp that you have a strong hand.
    As a LAG player here, the most likely hand that you'd hold on this board is a SET, so versus aware players that move could give reason to get AWAY from top/top type hands.

    This is what I mean by "in isolation" I do not really like a C/R here; I'd think it is a better leveraging of your LAG image to simply keep betting a bit over half pot, and allow the opp to CALL if he holds a K, than to try a tricky play like a C/R here.

    If however, you have tried to represent a "maniac" image, especially one that tries power moves like this frequently to bet people OFF hands, its value as a play option goes way up for you. The C/R DOES get more money into the pot than a straight bet/call pattern might, and if you have played the maniac well enough, it sets you up to jam the river for max value and to make that jam look like the "ultimate" in over-plays.

    I'd not suggest that you make such an exploitative line a NORMAL choice, the straight half pot bet on each street will tend to pay you off more often with your LAG image than trying a C/R, but if you can find a very specific opp then it can work.


    If you have decided to try the exploitative play, then I do like your Jam a lot.

    It is not un-common for a LAG to try to play very strong bluffs versus a shorter stack.
    You, obviously, are not bluffing holding a set, so the more you can make it LOOK like you might be, the better it is for you.

    While the A on the river probably fails to get you calls from hands like KJ which MIGHT play against your LAG UTG min raise, a lot of those hands would be hard pressed to call a more "normal" half or 2/3rd pot value bet too, so you may as well TRY to over bet to rep the bluff.

    If you had followed a more optimal betting line for your image, then i'd say I HATE the river jam: it is just too hard for a lot of hands to call. Since you adopted an EXPLOITATIVE line with your turn C/R though, I think following up that attempt at exploitation with a jam is a very nice thing to do.

    Afterall, it is about the "bluffiest" looking thing you could try, and if it gets called by less it WILL give you max value.

    The "tricky dick" type, the guy who LOVES to think he is out-playing people by playing passively and letting them bet up pots for him, is really not a bad guy to exploit in this spot. The thing is, if the villain is an EXTREME example of this type, or if he is one who will tend to play tighter to the point that he'd FOLD 1 pair hands even top pair) versus your image rather pay you off his stack, then it might be a bit rash to try this play all that often; it is really going to take him hitting BETTER than 1 pair to get you paid.

    If he is tricky and he calls too much though, then he strikes me as an ideal candidate for this sort of line. Afterall, as long as you realize that part of the time a tricky player will hold a BETTER hand than your set here, the risk is probably worth the reward; you gotta think that when you flop a set you are probably paying him max value if he has a BETTER set, had you took a more optimal line, and HE jammed the river...right?

    I know I would be paying him off there, and just chalking it up as a cooler if he wakes up with a set of As or a cheese-y straight...

    (Note: the word optimal above does NOT mean "better". An optimal play is one which will tend to work in a wider range of circumstances, but one which will tend to give up some top end profit potential in order to work in more spots. An exploitative play is one which seeks absolute max value in very specific circumstances, at the price of giving up some value in a wider range of circumstances that an optimal play might extract. So it isn't a matter of good vs. bad, it is more a matter of recognizing what you WANT, and what you might get, out of a situation and making the most of that.)

    Hope it helps.

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      Last edited by rule110; Sat Jun 09, 2012, 08:52 PM.


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        I'm going back and looking at it street by street, so haven;t proofed it all I am not suggesting a 6x raise...
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          ok, I did
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            I prefer to analyze a hand street by street, so as to not let the next street influence my thoughts.

            with a re-player, that gets hard, because I have to sop my write up, to go look at the next street.

            That's why you see "more in a sec" appear in the box when I hit save to go look at the next street.
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              that's to
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                Originally posted by JDean View Post
                I prefer to analyze a hand street by street, so as to not let the next street influence my thoughts.
                I do the exact same thing. I open my reply box in another window and then switch between the replayer and replying. Pause the replayer after every street and then put my reply in for that street. That way, it's just like I'm playing the hand and nothing that would happen afterwards could possibly influence my reply.

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