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NL2 FR 4bet JJ fold or...!

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  • NL2 FR 4bet JJ fold or...!

    hi , Ok it mite be a leak of mine to play 80bb's i used to play 40 then 100 , but for some reason i felt better at 80 , BUT , i think it makes me do maybe wrong decisions like here , i 4 bet my JJ ,i think ishould have called to be correct , but anyway i realised after i 4bet i have bet to 41.5 BB's with only 41BB's left , so i call his all in , knowing he had prolly aces coz its NL2 lol, but he could be on any pocket pair or maybe AK , so i think i have odds to call , ? .......Question is though if i was 100 BB's would this be a fold , considering i dont call the 3 bet.? like JJ is good hand but maybe not good enough to go broke maybe.?

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    Well, 4-bet/folding half your stack is horrible. Got any reads on this guy? Against a lot of players you can just fold to his 3-bet. 2NL players are rarely 3-betting light, plus you're out of position. If you were deeper you could flat his 4-bet, but you're out of position and not really deep enough. 4-betting all in is an option as well, if you think he'll 3-bet/call pretty wide, but it sucks too. Some 2NL players will just raise and reraise and get it in with any pocket pair because they think it's always a flip since you always have AK. Against them a jam here makes sense. Too often you're against AQ+, JJ+ though and you can't like that range.

    Honestly I'd probably just fold to the 3-bet. Gross doing so with such a big hand, but what can you really do out of position? Check/call all streets and pray he's triple barreling? Hope to flop a set?
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      I agree with Ori. 4-bet/folding is a bad leak and I wouldn't want to do that. If you 4-bet, you have to call a shove.

      Reads on the opp would mean everything to me, here.

      If the opp was playing tight, then I'm mucking to the 3-bet. If so, they at worst are in a race with you and can easily have you dominated.

      If the opp was playing loose, then I like the 4-bet and am ready to call a shove by them. Loose players will eventually get premium hands too and when they do, there isn't much you can do.

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        This would be a fold for me. Its 2NL, full ring, people are not generally 3-betting anything other than AA, KK, maybe QQ and AK. So against that range you're either flipping or dominated, not a great position to be in. Unless the guy is an agressive monkey that has been doing this a lot.

        If he could call with worse I think I would just shove over his 3-bet. That would be read dependant obviously as against most players you're only getting called if you're beat. 4-bet folding is bad and calling his 3-bet is bad as well. You're out of position and you're gonna hate any flop with an A or K unless you flop a set and you don't have odds to do that. Even if there is no A or K he could still have a higher pair and you might call off a big chunk of your stack with an overpair that was never any good.


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            yeah ok thanks
            i actually thought calling the 3bet with JJ would be ok, maybe ill start folding them oop .
            I think my problem here may also be that im starting too try and balance my 3beting ranges , wich is leading me to start 4 beting light aswell , like in this case tbh i was kindov wanting to see how people respond to 4bets ,although i usually only do it when i think somone is 3beting me light from the blinds or button. I think maybe i shouldnt worry to much about this at NL2 , and start using stats so i have the info i need ,
            thanx guys next time i fold tothe 3 bet
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              # to the 3bet.!


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                Originally posted by UrGetinTaxed View Post
                I think maybe i shouldnt worry to much about this at NL2 , and start using stats so i have the info i need ,
                At 2NL, most of your opps won't be that great of a player (although don't get me wrong because there are some very good players out there at that level). As you move up in levels, then you'll have to worry about the more sophisticated players, but at 2NL, most won't be thinking about the hand very much (stack sizes, odds, what others bets mean, card reading, etc).

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