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Top 2 facing donk and check raise on turn

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  • Top 2 facing donk and check raise on turn

    Hey guys, played this hand today and wondered what you guys think. Villain is 52/2/3 over 52 hands. No reads Flop - I think I should have raised more on the flop due to board texture. Turn - I'm thinking I should have maybe checked back turn but it's always so gross to do that on such a wet board. As played I think it's a fold on the turn. River - despite the great odds I can't see how I'm ever good there.

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    Why are you betting the turn? What is the logic behind it? It only bloats the pot. Check here and then c/c OTR. Keep the pot small so you won't be floated OTR. It's not gross, it's the right way to play it.


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      l agree


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        Well with those sort of stats he has to be a calling station, ( I assume it is percentages?) he is playing way too many hands and is very passive. When or if he bets, he likely has it, and there is no point trying to bluff him. Certainly you can extract a lot of value from these player types when you have a decent hand but two pair on a board this coordinated and him betting means its time for pot control.

        The preflop raise and raise on the flop seem fine to me but a player with these sort of stats betting the flop would alert me. You are not going to get a calling station off a draw/hand by betting more. With that information I would have definitely checked behind on the turn and river. Certainly when he re-raised the turn it was adios time!

        I am not sure what the third stat is because I do not have a HUD but I think it is aggression factor after the flop and if it is a percentage it is very low as well. I do not know how useful HUD data is after 52 hands but I would have thought that it would allow you to classify a player in some way.

        I would suggest you watch some of the Langolier's videos especially this one
        if you have not done so already.




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          +1, check back the turn is ok. If you're going to bet for value then this is a clear bet/fold spot. Super passive guy is not check/raising the turn on a bluff or semi-bluff ever, passive guys only take this strong a line with the goods... you're calling the turn c/r drawing to 4 outs. So either check back turn, call river (or value bet if checked to again), or bet/fold turn. Against a loose-passive guy bet/folding the turn does make a lot of sense since he'll call with so much worse and only check/raise if we're beat. You beat up these loose passive guys by value betting them to death, and not paying off when they make a monster (which is pretty easy to tell because it's the only time they take a really strong line).

          On the flop I'm not sure why you think you should bet more? You bet almost the size of the pot as it is which is a big over bet. I don't think you need to be betting more.
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            Cheers guys.

            Yeah I called turn check raise thinking he was RR a pair and flush draw combo.
            If the river had bricked I would have called given the small amount. This might be a leak so I'll be looking at this in HEM

            TC - when the guy donks I'm not too worried. There are so many draws and top/mid pair type hands in his range that I'll generally smash the flop with a strong hand for value. Like you said they're not folding which is obviously very nice.

            Turn was a bet/fold which I can see now so thanks guys. Looking at it I think I'd be more inclined to check behind versus an aggressive player that will likely bet river when draws miss etc. I'm normally good at exploiting these punks I just find it hard to find a fold against them sometimes

            Thanks a million guys




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