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    Got pocket 6s in late position with 1 limper, raise to 8 cents, ss raises all-in to 41 cents i believe, would u call this? Holdem Manager says this is a +EV call
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    you're at best in a race and could easily be dominated. If it were me, I'm folding and finding a better spot.

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      Well, this is read-dependent. You need to call 33¢ to win 52¢, so you're getting about 1.6 to 1 odds, or you need to win about 40% to be +EV. What's his range here? If he's pushing 20% you're about 47% to win, so def. +EV there. If he's pushing 15% you're still in good shape with 45%. If he's pushing 10% you're still +EV with about 41% equity. That's a range of [88+ A9s+ AQo+ KQo K9s+ QTs+ JTs]. So if he's pushing a range like that it is a good call. Any tighter and it's a fold. Any looser and it's a call. BUT a lot of people have different ranges, not just a "top x% range", they may be pushing any pair and any AQo+ (with no regard to suitedness) or something else. Or they may be super tight and only pushing [88+ KQ+], against which you're about 37% Once you start getting pairs lower than 66 in his range, it's a definite call, on this depth of money. This doesn't mean you should be calling all-ins with 66 preflop all the time, but under 20 BBs effective, it's often a good call.
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        guys sitting short on a cash table and shoving 20bb I'm generally calling with a pair, but it's close... ori summed it up well.
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