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should I have palyed this way?

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  • should I have palyed this way?

    Hi, just won a ton (1.35 bucks) with this hand at a cash game, but was wondering if I played the flop properly and if I had the odds to make that call. Villain had been raising almost every hand but had shown pretty good hands, in this case, he showed JTo at showdown (the replayer didn't show it). Thanks for your help.

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    I think you played the flop fine. You DID have the odds to call the flop raise, especially if you did not put the opp on an A. You'd have 3 outs to the A and 4 outs to the straight. This gives you 7*4% or about 28% equity. You had to put .1 into a pot of .46, or 21.7%.
    The equity in your hand is larger than the % you have to put into the pot... so it's the correct play.

    Now.. if you put the opp on an ace, then you only have 4 outs, or 16% equity... which makes the call a bit light, but if you hit your 10, you could possibly stack the opp for a double-up.. which will increase your equity to implied odds due to the extra 1.29 that they could put into the pot later.

    bottom line, I like the call on the flop and when you hit the straight, get as much of your chips in as possible.

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      should I have folded? Ok, at hte end I was able to finish this SNG, fourth, but this hand made me wonder: should I have folded?


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        this one's a bit more interesting.

        If it's a 50-50, where 5 get paid, you do have the option to fold after your raise (although I don't normally want to put over 25% of my stack in and then fold). You'll still be in 5th, which is a cash position, but with not much room for error. Reads on the opp that shoves would play into my decison. If they're playing extremely tight, I'd think about folding, if not, then I'm calling. The added chips you can get are worth $$ too, so that gives you another reason to call, as you do have a playable hand.

        If it's a single table SNG where only 3 get paid, then I'm calling it regardless of read on the opp. You need a double-up and already have over 25% of your stack in the pot with a playable hand.

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          Thank you so much for your comments, the last hand you evaluated on me was in fact a 50-50. I had been having a tough time reading that player, he seemed to be tight and having a bad time, so when he raised... I thought I better survive. I had been posting on the bad beat forum, and have a thread on the hand analisis called "I've been losing for a week" and have been crying the last weeks about how I got kicked out with lousy hands and wasn't making it, but thanks to your comments I see there is much to learn. I have started reading a lot and although I still get kicked out every now and then and continued losing some money (although today has gone well) I am prepared to acknowledge my errors and learn from them, as well as recognizing that I might still loose to worse and better hands. Example: I just got kicked out from a 10FPP tourney by a huge stacked guy who had been calling with whatever and getting lucky, also taking advantage of his stack size to scare off, I went all in with AQo on a Q-10-8 board and he turns out having Q-Q, but hey, it happens.
          Thanks a lot and have a nice day.



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