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2NL - AKs vs. 32

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  • 2NL - AKs vs. 32

    Hey everyone,
    How do you guys think I should've played this? Was it stupid to keep calling once the second 2 hit the board? I didn't think opp would have any 2X hands other than maybe 22, and since it's always very unlikely to get quads I decided to take my chances.. also didn't think I'd be against AA or KK here most of the time because they would've raised preflop.. On the river, should I have folded or maybe just called? The bet was so close to my stack that I decided to shove, in case it was an eventual bluff, though I think it's also pretty unlikely with this board...

    Thank you!

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    Against NL2 randoms it's fine to vbetting all the street with your value range. It's a kinda blank turn,because you not expecting any 2 x hand from the opp. But so many weaker Ax and even Kx will call you.

    This is a weird situation. He clearly rep a 2 x in here,but the only 2 x i can put in here is an A2 (and yeah the 22). I don't think he have any bluff in here,so the weakest hand i can think in this situation is some overrated Ax. Still i'm not folding on the turn.

    On a river,i dislike the shove option. I mean ok maybe he can have some Ax,but it's not too likely in this line. And he is raising with big size,so i think the fold in here is the best option. Especially because we don't have any information about this guy.

    You can tag him now as a fish. And note the situation (called pre bu almost 100% vs early 3x open,called flop cbet 3way with 3rd pair,miniclick turn vs 2nd barell set or better). Next time you will know how to play against him.
    Sorry if my English is sucks,this is not my mother language,and i'm using it rarely in my real life.

    If u want to know a little bit about me,i wrote a small introduction here:


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      I'm leading the flop and leading the turn. Vs a 2nl random, the turn raise is a problem. I'm going to call it, but I'm not happy about it. On the river, I'm checking and folding to any sizeable bet. The opp won't raise the turn and bet big on the river without a 2. I'll call a small bet, but not a large one.

      John (JWK24)

      6 Time Bracelet Winner


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        Thank you guys!



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