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Taking PokerStars 7 for a test drive

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  • Taking PokerStars 7 for a test drive

    If you don't already know, the new PokerStars 7 software is now available to try out. In this video Team Online player Felix 'xflixx' Schneiders test-drives the new software and takes you on a personal tour of some of his favourite new features ....

    Watch video here:

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    for me this software its not very good.....was supposed to be quick in sorting and search for the tournament which I want... but became slower always insert something that does not interest me .... maybe is more beautiful but that's is like any other software simply bad


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      I am trying the Mac beta version. It crashes when I select 'Favourites' while I am playing, and does not save the action when I re-open the client. I found I can work around this by immediately closing the client and re-opening it myself before it crashes, when I select each new favourite.
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        Originally posted by Tonk Shuffle View Post
        I am trying the Mac beta version. It crashes when I select 'Favourites' while I am playing, and does not save the action when I re-open the client. I found I can work around this by immediately closing the client and re-opening it myself before it crashes, when I select each new favourite.
        If your getting any problems with the new lobby you need to contact stars and let them know what it is I think the new lobby should be used by everyone in the next week as their getting rid of the 'return to ps6' option.


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          Im a huge fan of version 6 wish we could start a campaign to bring back 6 when it goes

          A lot of peopel say 7 is far better yet personally I just dont see it

          6 was perfect so how do you improve on perfect?

          There maybe a few tweaks but not worth losing 6 for

          Whoeevr wrote 6 knew what they were doing its much more intuative

          Few weeks ago as rumour 6 would disappear I got 7 on laptop to see what all the fuss was about thoguth i better learn it but didnt like it so hoped 6 would stay

          To ditch somehtgn that is perfect seems silly to me

          Ive compared the 2 and 7 actually hides some of th etournmaent si want on th efilters although havent tried th etab system yet


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            I think you need a longer look Rolo834. PS7 just takes some getting used to, but it really has improvements.

            The tables:
            I like the fading of inactive players. I love the new table-themes (try Mercury !)

            The lobby:
            Try the tabs. It's more like PS6 that way. The favorite's are awesom.


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              Don't have too many issues with PS7 but I think it's fairly modest with its improvements. At least for a cash game player. There's also some stuff in the cashier that needs improved.

              Really dislike that the news tab keeps updating to show a '1' in a red bubble above it and when I click on it it's the same ****ing TCOOP Deadline Turbo story that I saw and ignored earlier. Unless they are offering a promotion that I can achieve I couldn't really care less what else there is that they have on offer. Advertising at me has little to no effect unless I actually want something in the first place and it plays to my soft spots.

              Also, that odious **** Negreanu, if I see his smarmy face on anything I am less likely to use it. They need to make it so that people can opt not to receive anything with his presence on it. Including in client content.


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                I dislike that I can't seem to be able to filter out ante games, so when I go in session mode with Easy Seat I frequently have to dismiss the ante game popping up.

                In all fairness is not a big deal, the annoying bit is that a filter for ante games used to be available, I think it was in the old client, and is not there any more.

                I think I might actually go and find what is the support email and write them to give me back my filter. It's mine. My precious.


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                  Tables "look and feel of playing" + ease of instant hand history and other options is much much better in updated version of ps7 than old ps7 tables. i like it. umbup:
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                    @rkleefstra yeah you are prolly quite right that i will need to get used to it bu thaving sai dthat noone ha smentioned anything worthwhile thatI can see a san improvment

                    I neevr alter the table theme

                    So now fo rday sI wont feel comfortable or be bale to find everythign i need so I wont be palying a smuch

                    On 6 the poekrstra osses go tto gether with their software developemnt team

                    they spent X hours using $Y and it took Z amont of time....and I htink they did an awesome job all of them

                    Now then its a compeletly different kettl eof fish regarding me its too white wasnt worth the tiem money and effort spent

                    edit ps the great support staff mentioned the tab feature so will try that on laptop...I test on laptop in play money but only ply for $ on desktop unless im on holidays (rare)

                    In time I may grow to kinda like it but I will never love it mind smade up just on my initial assessment

                    if i change i minfd i wil let youknow but dont hold your breath

                    im tryign to learn poker not new software all of the time..ive been forced onto Pokerstars UK that messed up HUD and now 7 in next update may do th esame

                    i just feel to roll out a new version the software has t be a vast improvment or why bother at all ? (weve lost perfection)

                    I wont go onand on liek i did to support lol but itsa otof minor adjustments and now i cant find anything..but to be clear its much more than that......the filtersystem is weird on 6 I can find everythign i want...didstrggle at first

                    i give an example on laptop on 7 i cant find a game that i know exists on desktop pokerstars version its filtering otu stff i actualy want to see so im missing games!


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                      ok nw been forced onto 7 and it not as bad a si thoughtnow im using wa shiding 1 tournament but it good now

                      soem thigns i like about 5 and about 5 i dont like(mainly stuff moved around)..gues sit fear of th eunknown

                      will hav eto get used to it in time

                      does HUDs work ok?


                      • #12
                        its a god job the support people rockkkkkkkk then again you all kno wthis

                        1 of my filters im stil struggling with and cant seem to find my challenge bonus(not the january challenge)

                        Oh and 1 other filter I just cant seem to create...maybe im attempting th eimpossible

                        but 8/10 filters and favourites perfect all in 1 night thanks to support

                        oh yes HUD works fine ...I had to kinda umm whats the word "fiddle it" lol last time when moving to pokerstars UK so part of my program is in on efolder and others parts(mainly hand history) is in anohter

                        oh and cannot seem to remove othe rcountrys out of my regional tab Malta shouldnt be in thereandanother cuntry ive neevr even hear dof


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                          jeeeze pokerstars7 makes my taskbar including clock vanish yet log file ssay its ok

                          now today in live trianing had difficulties for first time in a very long time

                          sound cut out..pic disappeared had to refresh 4 times

                          ive run lot of scans all day and nothign shown up so far

                          computer not quite itself all day various other weird and wonderful things happening liek programs not opening or programs crashing

                          compute ris old an deveythign was fine ish until i got pokerstars 7

                          guess im of fto support again for 20th time


                          • #14
                            go tto grips with the favourites now cash was the trickiest but i dont play cash much

                            its pretty neat

                            still lags though

                            even been in routers settings(with supports help) and MTU etc

                            Australia is always 0% all others 100%......on PS6 all were 100% definitely


                            • #15
                              Originally posted by rolo834 View Post
                              Australia is always 0% all others 100%......on PS6 all were 100% definitely
                              I noticed the same thing, although I don't see how it could be related.
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