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4-Bet + Stats in HM2

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  • 4-Bet + Stats in HM2

    Can someone explain the 4-Bet + stats for HM2?

    Example of villain's 4-Bet + stats on large sample!

    4B Range: 3
    5B Range: 3
    Cold 4B+: 2

    What do these numbers mean?
    How do I use these numbers to decide what hands I can 5B-6B shove for value?

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      4bet range is an estimate of the percentage range of hands you 4bet, based on PFR% in unraised pots and 4bet%. For example, if you open raise 15% of hands and then if 3bet you choose to 4bet 20% of the time, you are 4betting 1/5 of your 15% range which represents a 3% range. So you 4bet range is 3%.

      5bet range is similar, taking your 3bet% and multiplying by 5bet% to find your effective 5bet range.

      Cold 4bet+ is just the percentage of times you choose to raise as your first action in a pot which has already seen at least a 3bet.

      In your example,the villain's 4 and 5 bet ranges are about 3% so we might estimate their approx ranges to do this as something like JJ+ and AK. Obviously, it takes a lot of hands before these stats converge to anything meaningful, and even then I suspect they can be distorted pretty quickly by a few hands played against maniacs or against super nits, where the ranges might be very different. So these range stats do have to be treated very cautiously.



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