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Poker HUD in microstakes tourneys.

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  • Poker HUD in microstakes tourneys.

    Who uses them?

    At these levels do you find them:




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      HI Sle4zy_E,
      First let me just say a "HUD" is just not normally a "HUD" .
      By that I mean we talk of HUDs in a generic way.HUDs themselves are the overlay on your poker game screen of various stats and data that relate to how you and the other players on your table have played a hand or position,as well as the betting patterns (eg how often they/you enter a pot ,fold to a 3 bet & more).
      This information alone can and is very helpful when you are making a decesion in a hand ,but what you decide should not only be based on this.I think my hud proberly helps me decide or confirms my decisions about 20% of the time .Can I play without it ? of course but in tough spots it really helps to have a source of information that backs-up my gut feeling.
      The software that drives the HUD is as useful or maybe more so as it allows you to see how the table may be viweing your table image allowing you to adjust or play to benefit from this perceived image
      It also allows you to review your play after the game eg on my Tournament Indicator Hand Replayer I can replay any hand with HUD info overlayed and see where I either went wrong or right in the play.Its a great way to cap leaks.
      There is so much more information available post game to help you improve.
      As fars as what level of BuyIn you should start, micro/low/high .I dont think it matters .Purchase a HUD if you are comfortable with the price and feel you will benefit.
      Having said that if you dont have a solid poker game already no HUD will make you a winning player overnight ! They are not BOTs ! you must know how to play a reasonable game before a HUD will be able to assist you !
      Finally a HUD can & normally does confuse players when they 1st start to use it.Take the time to study the layout watch some of the normally free support/learning videos available for each and you will adjust quickly and if like me wonder how you ever played wiyh out one.

      ps I have PMed you a link for a free trial for the HUD I use TournamentIndicator


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        I use one.

        I tend to use the information it shows if i have a a difficult decision and as i get more hands i do like to see who is playing straight or who is stealing lots in position.

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          My HUD for MTTs is very basic, I only use it because I tend to heavily multi-table when I play MTTs so just want a general idea of how loose and aggressive the villain is.


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            I use one and the info that I can gain from players is VERY helpful for both ranges and player tendencies... and I want to be able to use any additional information that I can get about an opp so that I can exploit them.

            John (JWK24)

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              My feeling with HUDs for MTTs is that they're nowhere near as useful for MTTs as they are for cash, simply because you're very rarely going to gain enough hands on a specific opponent to draw meaningful conclusions.

              When I can I like to take notes on what they're shoving with a xBB stack from y position, but you then not face that opponent for another 3 months, by which time if you're lucky enough to find yourself in a spot where that information is applicable, they may have made adjustments to their game and the info you have might be counter-productive.

              I can imagine that having a HUD would be very useful if you're grinding SNGs as you may come across the same regs time and time again.


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                ^ what andrew said


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                  dont agree ,all information is useful ,I swith between history and current stats during a game to see how that villians table image may appear to me and others even 20 hands can give you and idea of this in a mtt or sng.As for not getting enough data on any one player it doesnt take long for the hands to build up on anyone if you are a reg at any mtt or sng event,esp cap mtt or sngs sttsng to 360 which are full of regs.
                  Remember the more you use your HUD/Tracker software the more it collects data for you.So its best to always click and have it saving stats/data even if you are not wanting to use it for that game I always have it on.Notes in Stars are useful and I use both those and colour coding and Tournament Indicator.I want as much info as I can get so I use ALL the legal tools available .In cash games I do just the same.In zoom I proberly use the data least and only pull it up when needed ,but its on saving and growing all that yummy data
                  So I guess I agree with JWK24
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                    Originally posted by brettnz View Post
                    dont agree ,all information is useful ,I swith between history and current stats during a game to see how that villians table image may appear to me and others even 20 hands can give you and idea of this in a mtyt sng.
                    I agree with this which is why I still use a basic HUD, it's just nowhere near as detailed as my cash HUD.


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                      Spand42 -thats interesting because Im the opposite ,I use a far more detailed set-up for mtt/sng and only a basic 4 stat HUD for my cash games.Shows the value of a good HUD that can be tuned to suit our different needs.I expect alot of the reason my cash HUD is more simple is that most of my cash is on ZOOM type tables and if you are playing more than one table you dont have the time to study lots of stats.
                      As a side note I often sit-out in zoom to review the data of any villian that is proving to be a problem.Just because its a fast format doesnt mean you cant take the time to step out the game for a moment to use the stats to see if you need to adjust to attack a troublesome villian.
                      All the stats and data in the world is useless if you dont make use of it.


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                        Originally posted by spand42 View Post
                        I agree with this which is why I still use a basic HUD, it's just nowhere near as detailed as my cash HUD.
                        I've more or less given up tourneys, but I removed just about all the esoteric stuff from my MTT HUD. My cashgame HUD is very complex, but for big field tourneys, many stats are just useless clutter.
                        It all comes down to push/fold anyway, so my perfect HUD would just tell me how good someone runs in flips.
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