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Hem2 - cbet filtering

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  • Hem2 - cbet filtering

    Hi guys,

    I am trying to do the following in hem2, and just can't seem to do it.

    Hero cbet, villain either folds, calls, raises.

    If villain raises, hero folds.

    If villain calls in the flop, on the turn hero checks, villain either checks or bets.

    If villain bets the turn, hero folds.

    If villain checks the turn, on the river hero checks, villain either bets or checks.

    If villain bet the river, hero folds.

    If villain checks, then we go to showdown.

    Basically I want to see how I make when I cbet the flop either villain folds or hero gives up on later streets.

    Cheers for your help.


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    To start with, click "More Filters" and then highlight "C-bet flop" in the quick filters box in the bottom right. Click the + sign and OK to get your overall c-betting profits/losses.

    Now to further filter the settings, click on "More Filters" again and then choose "Other Advanced filters". Now you have to pick the specific actions.
    e.g. Scroll down to Flop>Flop was Raised and click the green + sign once more, so that "Flop was raised = true" appears in the box below. Click OK to see the hands in which your c-bet was raised. On most of them, you probably folded, so lost the hand, but there may be some where you stuck around (or even 3-bet).

    For "villain calls in the flop, on the turn hero checks, villain either checks or bets", you need to have "Flop c-bet = true" and then set "Turn Check = true". Remember to click the minus sign on the previous filter (c-bet was raised) to remove it.

    Basically, you have to work through the list one by one, removing actions that are "false" in order that you get the betting line correct.

    I haven't gone through all your requirements, but I think they are all available in HEM's advanced filters if you look carefully.
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      Cheers arty again for your help.

      I believe that there all there. I was hoping there was a way to include it all at once so that I could see how profitable cbetting is if hero wins on flop against hero gives up. Looks as though it needs to be done one by one.


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