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  • Book Selection for Review

    Hi there,

    I've started doing some serious studying, and am looking at a number of books I was able to borrow from our local library. I've posted a list of them on my blog, so please have a look and let me know which ones you would suggest I focus on. I plan to write a review for each book once I've completed it, with the first one being on Barry Greenstein's "Ace On The River". Thanks in advance for your feedback!

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    Getting an error on that link?
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      Weird, it looked like the blog post had been approved, and the link was working for me, but maybe it's a permissions thing. Here's the blog's text:

      Happy New Year!

      I have begun 2014 by looking into study materials to review before starting into my 2014 goals. After a quick perusal of the local library I found that there are a lot of free resources available. I plan to review one book every two weeks on this blog for everyone's benefit. Below is a list of the books I have available over the next month or two:
      "Bobby Baldwin's Wining Poker Secrets" by Mike Caro
      "The Raiser's Edge" by Elky
      "Ace On the River" by Barry Greenstien
      "Super Systems 2" by Doyle Brunson (and other contributors)
      "Caro's Book of Poker Tells" by Mike Caro
      "Don't Listen to Phil Hellmuth" by Dusty Schmidt
      "Caro's Most Profitable Hold 'em Advice" by Mike Caro
      "Tournament Poker and The Art of War" by David Apostolico
      "Final Table" by Johnathan Duhamel
      "How to Make $100,000 a Year Gambling For a Living" by Mason Malmuth and David Sklansky
      I have read through 'Ace on the River' by Barry Greenstien and will be posting a review soon. Do any of you have comments on the book above? Anything I should focus on? I have been reviewing 'The Raiser's Edge' slowly as there's a lot of dense material to get through, though it is extremely valuable.
      Feel free to provide any book recommendations for the future, or any of these books that I should be focusing on!

      Read more: Book Review (jonnylawford) – Poker School Online: Learn Poker Strategy, Odds and Tells


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        Ive never read any of them, probably because no one has recommended them, I would get The poker blueprint,building a bankroll by veerner, theory and practice by sklansky and a couple of other ones by him i cant think of right now,small stakes no limit holdem by ed miller and maybe professional no limit holdem it has a thew things worth looking at but it not amazing, how to read hands by ed miller and i would finish off with easy game by baluga whale.

        Ive yet to read some of tri nguyen's books, matthew jandas book and i was going to look at harrington on holdem as well. I think there probably the best books to read for cash games, you can learn alot from books just make sure you got a pen and paper because you can take it all in in one read so i take notes and re read the notes to save time.


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          Super System 2 is not a beginner book. I have read that one.

          John (JWK24)

          6 Time Bracelet Winner


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            This one was golden for me "Ian Taylor, Matthew Hilger - The Poker Mindset"

            I haven't read any other "mindset" books but for helping the game, this was all I needed to get going.

            Edit. have to add...that after reading it I started taking PSO seriously and etc....(June 2013)
            Last edited by slettuce; Sat Jan 18, 2014, 05:47 AM. Reason: I listened to the audio book just for interest sake, I seem to remember audiobooks so much better than paper.
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              Thanks for the recommendations! I'm finding that each book has something beneficial in it, but nothing is an all-in-one solution. I liked the non-NLHE sections in Super Systems 2, since it covers Omaha and 7 card games as well. The Caro books seem mainly geared towards live games since they centre on tells. Raiser's Edge still seems to be the best strategy book from the ones above. I'll definitely look into the suggestions you've given above.


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                When you get your game going.. I'd recommend reading
                Jared Tendler's, The Mental Game of Poker


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                  It`s very good book "The Mental Game of Poker"


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                    reveal everyhand

                    U Fools there is only one master of the game
                    Gus hansen - and u should read his book - reveal everyhand


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                      gus book is good, but u should know the basics before to try to play like gus did at aussie millions.
                      he was lucky and run really good. as well he could have lost his stack easily
                      Bracelet Winner


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                        Originally posted by dduvshani View Post
                        U Fools there is only one master of the game
                        Gus hansen - and u should read his book - reveal everyhand
                        I think it's a fun read. Whether it's a helpful read is debatable seeing his results overall (is my personal opinion).

                        Additionally, I am not sure how helpful a lot of these books are but Super System is great of course. Starting with The Little Green Book would be great. There's a significant jump in level from a beginner book to The Raiser's Edge as the latter is for advanced players.

                        Great books to review (at least for tourneys) would be:

                        The Poker Tournament Formula 1 & 2
                        Winning Poker Tournaments One Hand At A Time (several volumes)
                        Kill Phil
                        Kill Everyone
                        The Raiser's Edge
                        Secrets Of Tournament Poker (Little)
                        H.O.H. (People say outdated, but such a classic that it's necessary to know it)

                        Enjoy your reading/studying.


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                          I read Gus every hand revealed , it's a good read . Gives a great into his thought process . It's more of a poker book u can just relax in read rather then study.

                          Am just starting the theory of poker myself


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                            I've finished reading The Moorman Book Of Poker, I'd recommend it to anyone who'd like to know the thought process of a top pro. He basically talks you through 80 hands of poker, varying game types etc.
                            Double Bracelet Winner


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                              Originally posted by bpetrov78 View Post
                              I've finished reading The Moorman Book Of Poker, I'd recommend it to anyone who'd like to know the thought process of a top pro. He basically talks you through 80 hands of poker, varying game types etc.
                              That one's on my reading list for over the next month or so.

                              John (JWK24)

                              6 Time Bracelet Winner



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