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HEM2 Average stats

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  • HEM2 Average stats

    Hi guys,

    Was wondering if anyone knows how to do the following:

    I'm looking to produce an average stat based on all opponents as a whole.

    For instance, if I knew what the average fold to blind steals was for zoom 2nl FR, then I think this would give me a good indication on how often I should try to steal when I don't have no reads on opponents. Anyone see a flaw in this approach.

    Now with regards to HEM2 - in particular to the opponents summaries tab - I would like to find the average stat for all opponents; however, This summary section also includes my stats. I would like to remove my stats for the purposes describe above. Can this be done, and if so how do you filter out particular players to have a summary of just opponents?

    If it not possible in HEM2, anyone know of a way to do this in a spreadsheet by exporting the data, or something along those lines?

    The best approach for this might be to include my stats, but select a range of hands size for the purpose of finding the average, i.e. take the sample on opponents where I have 1000 hands each (so to have an even playing field) to find a good starting point for an average stat. What do you guys think?


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    Hi guys,

    I have now worked out how t do this. It's really simple, but I didn't know this until now, and so I will post this for those of you that don't know.
    You will need excel or an equlivant that can open CSV files.
    Do the following:

    - Open HEM2;
    - Click on opponents and open the summaries tab;
    - Right click on the table of data detailing all opponents (including yours) stats;
    - Select save as;
    - select as CSV file;
    - save it in your favourite location; and
    - then open in excel.

    With excel you can filter out particular opponents, create your graphs based on this data.

    I hope that helps. Please let me know if this useful to you guys.




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      That's great Pullin. I knew about Opponent summaries, but didn't know of a way to exclude my own stats, which obviously have a major effect on the averages, since I obviously have more hands for me than anyone else. Exporting the numbers to a separate database is a great idea!
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        I hope it's helpful. I think this could be good to get a great feel on how opponents play on average. So for instance you can say opponents at 2nl Full ring Zoom on average steal this often, or cbet this often, and so when we don't have reads in opponents use this average as a starting point.





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