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FPDB - Free good HUD

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  • FPDB - Free good HUD

    Hey All,

    As many of you I tried to find a good HUD (good = free + features )
    And found one : FreePoker DB (FPDB)
    This is an excellent free tool with lots of nice features (stats, hand replay, graphs and stuff)
    I am plying with it for a couple of days now and is quite nice.

    Before I can go on with this thread I need, though, a clearance from forum admins. (linking stuff and explaining how-to's).

    Shoim o/

    PS :I am not affiliated or in any contact with the devs (yet).

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    Hi shoim!

    This is on the 'approved' list from PokerStars.

    John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      Ok, here we go. I will go through it and make it short and simple.
      1. Download from :
      2. Main Wiki page :
      Ok. Now it is important to follow the information listed in this order
      1. Check the installation link first :
      2. Follow the getting started :
      Important for getting started on the Bulk import point is that the window will show all your saved hands and in order to import it all you need to select ALL of them (CTRL+A or holding SHIFT, or selecting with CTRL+click)
      It is also of ABSOLUTE importance to set your preffered seat :
      If this is not done right you will get awkward HUD results.

      Ok. By now you should have a running and standard configured FPDB.

      Showing the HUD.
      Open a play money table (this is what I've done) and go to the menu : HUD > HUD and Auto Import (CTRL+A)
      It will show a button in the middle of the screen : Start Autoimport (press it with confidence ) and play some hands and the result should be something like :

      The default HUD config description and some definitions here :

      I hope this helps you get started and I will follow with some HUD tweaks (XML editing) that I found (and I am still playing with) shortly.

      Enjoy, and if, in any way you can help the devs here is a usefull link :

      Cheers and good luck at the tables.

      PS1 : Should you decide to play around with the settings and discover that you messed something up don't panic, it's all about the HUD_config.xml file.
      To get back to standard follow this link :

      PS2 : You will have some issues with the HUD stats configuration option from the menu, it's a bit clumsy and has some awkward results at times, so I recommend editting the HUD_config.xml by hand. If you mess something up here there 2 things that will happen : 1. the program won't start or 2. the HUD won't show.

      Reason for 1 = XML is corrupted (bad syntax)
      for 2 = something is not right in the config (I messed some rows for example showing 2 stats in the same cell)
      If you don't know how to fix them go to PS1
      Last edited by shoim; Sun Jul 28, 2013, 11:18 AM.


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        Hi shoim, Great introduction. umbup: There is a new version 0.40 released last week. I have been messing around with fpdb since 0.30.5 unfortunately the HUD still doesn't work on Zoom cash tables. However the database bulk imports them and the stats and graphs work perfectly. In release 0.40 the HUD_config.xml file has had a re-work and the database schema has changed so it will mean a re-import of your HH files. For xml editing I can provide my set-up if it helps anyone. Change game_type="all" and stat_set "holdem_custom" then write your own holdem_custom section. ... ... This HUD gives: player. vpip pfr 3bet (#hands) cbflop cbturn steals
        Last edited by ForrestFive; Sun Jul 28, 2013, 07:03 PM.


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          Hey Forrest,

          Yep, indeed it doesn't show on Zoom but that is due to the way it is constructed.
          It fires up after the first hand in which you actively taken part (that is not Wait for BB), why? because it 'scans' your handhistory directory for new files (Pokerstars creates one after each hand or appends the data hand after hand) - hence in Zoom by the time it fires it is already too late.
          In future weeks I intend to download the sources and see how can it be forced to fire prior - though if it is how I imagine it is not reading the screen for names (which makes it impossible to fire before disk activity and hence fetching data that is availble as it can't look up names) but rather takes your position from config, checks the history file and 'assumes' everyones position at the table using SB, BB coordinates - remains to be seen.

          Until then it is still usefull for cash and tourney. As it goes with config, before I go to see how to help on the zoom issue, I need to find out how to bold for example VPIP, PFR and leave the rest as normal, for that I need to sources also

          Shoim o/


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            Oh,by the way, before anything fancy and XML config editing I am working on a spreadsheet with abreviations and meaning for stats - and if someone beats me to it I think it would be great to forward it to the devs - they need all the help they can get, after all - they put the effort into building this for everybody to enjoy out of their free time.


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              Tried installing it on Mac OS X. Installation is far from straightforward and the installation information on the site appears outdated, referring to Python 2.6 rather than 2.7 and above.

              Difficulties revolve around getting some of the libraries installed, like pycairo, pygtk, etc... using MacPorts.

              Too bad for now, but one day I'll get it to work.


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                Got some success installing FPDB on Mac OS X!

                A screenshot in this thread.


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                  I've not been able to do the Bulk import. I don't know where to find the hands history in my pokerstars files. When I am playing nothing happens. I assume that it's because of that.

                  I only played 3 hands tough, because I tought it wasn't working, but when I looked to the Auto-Import I saw this for my 3 hands played:

                  * Add PokerStars import directory C:/Program Files/PokerStars/TournSummary/YOUR SCREEN NAME HERE/.
                  * Add PokerStars import directory C:\Users\Pier-Olivier\AppData\Local\PokerStars\HandHistory\xXQcN injaXx...................................
                  HH20131020 Rotraut II - $0.01-$0.02 - USD No Limit Hold'em.txt 1 stored, 0 duplicates, 0 partial, 0 errors (time = 0.071000).........
                  HH20131020 Rotraut II - $0.01-$0.02 - USD No Limit Hold'em.txt 1 stored, 0 duplicates, 0 partial, 0 errors (time = 0.014000)..........
                  HH20131020 Rotraut II - $0.01-$0.02 - USD No Limit Hold'em.txt 1 stored, 0 duplicates, 0 partial, 0 errors (time = 0.015000).......

                  So I think that my fpdb is working, but not fully working because of the Bulk import I should have done before.

                  Need some help :P


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                    The second line in your printout gives the path to your handhistories. Bulk import will only work for as far back as you have been downloading your hand histories


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                      Hi xXQcNinjaXx, You configure the Poker Stars client to store your hand histories and tournament summaries: Options->Instant Hand History Options & Options->Tournament Summary Options --- Then configure FPDB to point to those folders: Configure->Site Preferences Once you tick Site = PokerStars you need to fill in: Screen Name, Hand History Path and Tournament Summary Path --- It looks like from your output "YOUR SCREEN NAME HERE" has not been set to "xXQcNinjaXx" and check your folders are correct too. Hope this helps you get started. umbup:


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                        I have done it all. The auto-import is working well now. I still can't see all those stats when I am sitting at a table. It is still the normal PokerStars theme that I see. I have done it step by step, just can't see where I did it wrong :O

                        Thank you guys for helping me! I am a poker software newbie :P


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                          No worries I'm sure we can sort it.

                          Probably confusing two separate things on the FPDB main menu:

                          Import->Bulk Import

                          Here you navigate to your hand history (HH) files stored on your computer select the ones you want and click Bulk Import. Then because Poker Stars uses two folders navigate to your tournament summary (TS) files select the ones you want and click Bulk Import again.

                          This builds a database of old files the HUD can use to display stats on players you have seen before. So if you just have set up the Poker Stars client to store these files you won't have much data. But do a test:

                          For tournaments:
                          Tournament->Tourney Graphs
                          Tournament->Tourney Stats

                          For cash games:
                          Cash->Ring Player Stats

                          Do the graphs and stats look OK?

                          HUD->HUD and Auto Import

                          Start playing some poker. Just one or two tables set to default size if you can and click:

                          "Start Auto Import" button

                          The HUD should pop up (may require a stop and start again).

                          If you have "fixed seat" set in the Poker Stars client you will need to configure FPDB to match that.

                          Using the HUD now automatically imports the HH and TS files so no more Bulk Import.


                          Did a screenshot showing 2/4 tables and the HUD output log running below. Stick with it we can sort it (Windows 7).

                          Right click to open full size.
                          Last edited by ForrestFive; Tue Oct 22, 2013, 04:33 AM. Reason: Screenshot


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                            Well, my cash game stats and graph are looking good. Tourney stats and graph on the other side are juste not working (probably wrote the wrong files, not a big deal as I am more focusing on cash games now). I have set my prefered seat in FPDB, I lauch auto-import when I am playing and it's importing hands. So everything seems to be working except I can't see my opponents stats while I am playing. Maybe I have to match prefered seat in the Pokerstars client & FPDB as I've never set prefered seat in my pokerstars client.

                            Thank you for helping me Forrestfive! I just didn't know I was that bad


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                              Don't forget that you will have to set your Pokerstars client display language to English, otherwise FPDB's HUD won't be able to find the table to display the HUD over.
                              Double Bracelet Winner



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