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final hands

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  • final hands

    Is my winnings with 1 pair really bad? seen as im in the red.

    Sorry about all the questions lol

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    It say i lost $58 on a high card and i went to showdown 15% hows that i never go showdown with weak holdings unless its checked all the way


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      Originally posted by mike2198 View Post
      It say i lost $58 on a high card and i went to showdown 15% hows that i never go showdown with weak holdings unless its checked all the way
      If what you say is true, it's most likely because of hands with no action. Bet, call, and check to showdown. Might also be caused by limpers.
      I find it more interesting that you somehow seem to have lost 1 cent with straight flushes
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        I think I answered this query in another of your threads a couple of days ago, but to re-iterate, everyone loses money with one pair (or worse) at showdown. Mostly it will be hands where you had TPTK or an overpair and got pot-committed and vilain sucked out, or you were chasing a draw that you didn't hit, and villain either checked the river, or you gave you a bargain price to bluff-catch.

        The image is taking forever to display, because you uploaded a massive BMP file instead of a JPG, GIF or PNG, but I presume the hand where you lost 1c with a straight flush was when there was a SF on the board, and chopped the pot, so you lost money to rake. (Personal pet hate of mine is that chopped pots get raked. It's so unfair!)
        I've only seen the board make a SF once in about 180,000 hands. It's very rare.

        EDIT: Just seen the image. You've been on tables where 3 straight flushes would have been made, but you folded pre-flop. The 1c loss will be your small blind.

        EDIT #2: And this chart also seems to include hands where you folded before showdown, but would have made "one pair", "high card" etc. It's obviously good to have folded with marginal hands if you had little equity. 16% WTSD is a little high for "high card", so you might be playing draws a little too often, and probably too passively too.
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          I must of missed that post where you said people lose money with 1 pair, yh im sure that my 15% went to showdown on a high card will drop because my game play has improved drastically since the beginning of these hands alot of it though is when you get a calling station that wont fold a cbet so im checking back with ace high and they river a 7 or something

          As for the straight flushes yh i folded them all preflop if you look at my chart though i missed a load of really good hands made me think playing like a lag must me super profitable when your gonna get called so much more and when you hit your gonna get payed more



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