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  • rake

    whats this rake all about in the black box

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    Rake is how poker sites make money. In cash games, every time a flop a seen, the site will take a small percentage from the pot. At the lowest stakes, rake is usually between 3 and 8% of the final pot and it's fixed according to a schedule listed in the terms and conditions. Pokerstars has the lowest rake in the industry. Some sites have such high rake, that's it's almost impossible to beat the games. :/
    Games like Omaha can also be hard to crush, because the rake is high and you'll be playing more hands than you would in holdem. Nevertheless, if the players are much worse than you, then your edge is significant enough to beat the high rake.
    At higher stakes, the rake is often capped at quite a low amount, but winrates also tend to be lower at higher stakes.

    In tournaments, the rake is the "registration fee" and it's usually 10% of the buy-in. So if a 10-player tourney had a $1 buy-in inc 10% rake, then the site collects 10 * 10c = $1, and the prize pool is 10 * 90c = $9.
    The amount of rake you pay is linked to reward points. The more pots you play, the more rake you pay, so the more reward points (VPPs) you gain.
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      Oh i see so pokerstars made more money out of me than i have myself lol


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        Yeah. I'm afraid that's fairly standard. Just be glad you're not a losing player. Rake often works out at about 5bb/100, so if you're winning at 5bb/100 post-rake, that means you'd be winning at 10bb/100 in a rakeless game, so you're clearly better than the average player.

        P.S. I forgot to say that Stars' reward scheme is among the most generous in the industry. The FPPs/VPPs are a form of "rakeback", because you can trade in your points for cash bonuses. On some sites, you'd have to play about 215,000 hands of 2NL to collect $10 in rakeback. Stars pays out that amount for a much smaller sample size.
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