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    I played blackjack seriously for a few years, and have recently decided to switch to Hold'Em. (Because it is way easier to actually win...)

    When I was playing a lot of BLKJK, I purchased this software which had several drill scenarios, basic strategy, counting, etc. Basically; I ran through these drills extensively and built a concrete skill set in the scenarios.

    Does anyone know of software like this for NLHE? Repeatable training in calculating outs, hand recognition, bet sizing, etc, would expedite my poker skillset.


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    Nice idea although I haven't heard of any.

    You can train a player to call with correct odds, pick the right hand selection etc. but there's no one way to play the game. What might work for one person may not work for others. Poker also has a very human element and it's more a game of playing the player than playing the cards. I suspect that's why there's no bots that have conquered the game (although I worry some day there will be).

    I play sort of formulaic in my games but I change it and adapt to each table, player, blind level and prize pool. There are just so many variables that it would be hard to tell anyone an exact way to play or to play like me.

    The trainers may give feedback on hand histories but they can only give information with what they have to hand. They can't understand the table dynamics or a players tendencies when giving advice, they can only help so far.
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      I think you are totally right, I catch myself trying to apply blackjack style playing to poker games, and sometimes it is a bit shaky, like you said, the human element is more prevalent.

      It seems to me:

      A hand that should win 30% of the time, statistically, may or may not actually result in a win 30% of the time over the long run.

      Because weaker hands will fold out, and strong hands will call/bet to stay in the pot.

      Therefore, being able to read people and estimate strength of their hand through logic by warrant of their bets is a plausible way to win hands. (Or at least know when to fold)


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        I've never played blackjack so I can't compare but poker is most definitely a game of reading players and betting. Odds do come into it but I was a profitable player long before I could work out odds on a hand.

        In Blackjack the dealer has an edge. In poker the edge comes from correct betting and reading opponents. Pokerstars takes a rake from each pot and game (and how they make money) but this isn't a dealers edge, it only occurs after the hand/ game finishes.

        Poker is a unique game. It has both luck and skill elements. Good players can pick holes in opponents weaknesses and exploit them.

        Even though Pokerstars takes a roughly 10% rake from every game I play, I have a 13% return on investment (ROI) in nearly 7,000 games I've played. Other players have far higher so there is money to be made from this game.
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