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how big is your database?

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  • how big is your database?


    Looking thru the forum over the past few months and saw a lot more members starting to talk about and use HUDs and HEM or PT.

    So I was curious how big is your data base?

    I currently have over 15 million Hands at this time.

    As some know the more hands on others the more you can adjust your reads, so what do you feel is the smallest amount of hands on one player that you feel your HUD #s can be used to help?

    Here is my Cash hands

    Here is my MTT and SNG hands
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    350,000 hands in 1.5 years. 250k from PS.
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      To answer your question, I can pick up on a player before 10 hands. I could before I had a HUD btw umbup:
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        I use PT4 to analyze MY plays and to tract MY stats
        So don't really care about others stats (notes do the job)
        And I don't use a

        I have over 2 Million

        1 table = 60 hands an hour
        4 tables = 240 hands
        5 hours a day = 1,200 hands
        6 days a week = 7,200 hands
        45 weeks = 324,000 hands a year

        Those are at Cash games, the number is much lower at tournaments

        Just how many years have you accumulated stats? 46 years?
        To have 15 Million, did you buy them from the sites that sold the info?


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          Non of my hands are bought and 11 mill or so be post black Friday at the sites i currently play on

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            Caught in the cookie jar TOOCOO
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              Originally posted by Ovalman View Post
              Caught in the cookie jar TOOCOO
              What cookie jar? my hands all been collected by me on my computer........

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                I play quite a few hands and I've accumulated 250k in the past year, I know a player that's generated a few million but 15 million is either 50x as much as I play or buying hands.
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                  Like i said none have been bough and they not even sell hands for where i play i do not think.......

                  I do data-mine as it is allowed where i do play so collecting info on people i play is always a big + as i play on a smaller site so i also see a lot of the same people over and over

                  prior to Black Friday you could data mine at FTP but then they changed that PS has never allowed Data Mining as long as i can remember.

                  and my HH go back to 2005 when i first started using PT

                  But lets get back on track as we be curious on peoples thoughts Who do use a Hud and the Number of hands they feel they need to have a good read on there opponents.....

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                    I label players if i have 50 + hands on them, But i do prefer to say i have a read if i have over 300 hands on them.

                    Strange i have noticed on Stars that players i meet on zoom with 300+ are 90% TAG's. Is that what everyone else is finding?
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                      Hi TOO2COO

                      I don't even have 200K hands yet for cash games, yet with Zoom the amount is rapidly growing.

                      For a quick preflop estimation of the opp, a small number of hands may be plenty, especially if they play "loose". If an opp has limped or called pf 9 of the 10 hands I have on him, pegging him as loose passive seems fairly safe.

                      I don't color code opps until I have 500+ hands on them for ring games.

                      I obviously need more than 10 hands to trust post flop stats on an opp. How many we need is going to be fairly stat spesific.

                      In general I feel that the weaker opponents tend to be recognizable pretty quickly.


                      Roland GTX



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