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How can I view my stats as viewed from another opponent on HEM2?

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  • How can I view my stats as viewed from another opponent on HEM2?

    I have actually found a very decent shark (or bot) on 50c 45 man STTs. He's 21% ROI in 25,000 games on Sharkscope, all at games less than $1. I notice he took a shot at slightly higher stakes and lost so I think he's probably scared to move back up even though he has the ability and is probably the best player I've came across on the site.

    He's a massive multi tabler playing 24 tables, his stats vary between ABC player and TAG. I'm 100% sure he must be using a HUD. My worry is he has me down to a tee, knowing when to 3 bet, fold etc. He called my all in shove K3o which was the correct call at the time.

    I've 1,000 hands on him so therefore he's 1,000 hands on me.

    How can I filter HEM2 to look at things from his perspective? I want to know what I can exploit on him as he tries to exploit me.

    As he's in every game and these are 45 man (unlike 6 max) I can't really avoid him. TBF I don't want or need to as I don't think he'll affect my overall ROI which now stands at 50% in 200.
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    As on any tracking software I'm sure, you can filter your hud stats for "this session" although that would only give your stats that others see that haven' t played you before. I dont think it's doable for the table as a whole as each player will have differing stats based on how many hands "they each" have on you, and how you played those hands. And "as they see it" stats for you would be different for each of them and you would have to have 8 stat boxes for yourself. ( one for each opp) so the closest I think you'll be able to get is the aformentioned filter.
    I asked grayson physioc if the new pt4 hud coulxd be filtered for game type such as 6 man HTs or 45 man sngs and he told me that it wasn't able to do that so I'm fairly certain hm2 isnt either. That would be a way to filter for him since you say he's in every one you play, but sadly again I'm pretty sure thats not doable
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      Thanks, I understand your point and it would be a neat feature if it could work but I'm only after the stats he has on me. If I have a high fold to 3 bet stat according to him then I can 3 bet his raises as he will think I have something decent. I can keep doing this until my stats are above normal and then I can rock up again.

      If he's a bot or just someone who can read these numbers then he will act according to those numbers and he will be the one that's being exploited.

      I know I'm being specific on what I want here but he's the only player that's causing me any trouble in these and I'd like to play back at him and re-exploit the weaknesses he thinks I have.

      I've never really delved too deep into HEM2. Is there any decent guides or books anyone could recommend for me to buy or read for free?
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        this is just a long shot and would probably take some doing. you might be able to go into your database, pick out every hand you have played with him at the table. save it, and do a stat check for saved or selected hands. it might give you your stats for those hands alone and that is what he would be seeing .. it wouldn't appear on your HUD and you would have to write the stats down, but that might be a way to see what he sees. Just a thought off the top of my head.. good luckumbup:
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          Just a week before Black Friday, I tried the trial version of Tournament Indicator. One of its features was to show you how your current session play appeared to others. (rock - ATM - fish - etc.) The program you are using is more sophisticated than this one, but I'm thinking it too should have this available.

          I know this program has a support forum for those who purchased the software. Somebody there should have advice for you on how to obtain such information during a current game and over a series of plays.


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            I got answered by a post on 2p2:

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